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Preliminary info

    • How can I pay online for my flight?

      On Air Dolomiti website you can book easily your flight paying securely with your credit card, via PayPal and via SOFORT Banking.

      You can pay with the following credit cards:

      VISA Card
      American Express
      Alternatively you can pay using PayPal: selecting this payment method, you will be redirected to the PayPal website. After completing payment you will be directed back to the Air Dolomiti booking confirmation page.

      Another payment option is SOFORT banking: a free direct transfer method with which you can make bank transfers in real time. Selecting this payment method, you will be redirected to the Sofort website: simply log in with your online banking details and confirm the process with a TAN. After completing payment you will be directed back to the Air Dolomiti booking confirmation page.

    • What is 3D Secure Code and how does it work?

      3D Secure authentication is a fraud prevention service operated by the credit card companies and the banks. When you are shopping online, it gives you additional protection against the unauthorised use of your online registered card.

      Air Dolomiti has implemented security purchase protocols “verified by Visa” and “Securcode by MasterCard” for all the payments that use these circuits.
      You protect your card transaction by the addition of a personal password (SecureCode) or a transaction authorisation number sent to your mobile phone by SMS,  so you can shop online without worrying. If you enter your SecureCode correctly, the system will verify that you are the legitimate cardholder and the payment process can then proceed.

      Further information about the ‘3D Secure’ authentication service can be found on the website of your bank.

    • Where can I find information about allergies?

      If you have a peanut allergy, please consult our SPECIAL ASSISTANCE section.

    • Are there any special rules for pregnant women?

      Flying is problem-free for women with uncomplicated pregnancies. All the same, we recommend pregnant women check in advance with their doctor about flying.

      Until the end of the 36th week of pregnancy or up to 4 weeks before the due date, pregnant women with complication-free pregnancies can fly Air Dolomiti without a medical certificate.

      From the 28th week of pregnancy, however, we recommend bringing a recent medical certificate containing: 
      •    confirmation that the pregnancy is complication-free
      •    the expected due date
      •    the doctor must expressly state the patient’s pregnancy does not prevent her flying

      In the event of twins or multiple pregnancies it is possible to fly until the end of the 28th week.


    • How can I ask for any special assistance?

      Contact the Air Dolomiti Sales Center when making your reservation to request the assistance suited to your needs at least 48 hours before departure.
      Requests for special assistance include:
      • arranging for assistance at the airport when embarking, disembarking and/or in transit
      •  bringing your own wheelchair (manual or electric) and/or using the wheelchair in the cabin 
      • bringing special medical equipment
      • bringing an assistance dog into the cabin 

      Once on board, passengers with limited mobility will be seated by personnel where the crew’s instructions can be seen and heard for the entire duration of the flight.

      Disability and/or restraint aids that require to be secured around the back of the seat are not accepted on board Air Dolomiti flights.  

      Please contact Air Dolomiti Sales Center with any requests to travel with passenger mobility aids, which must be notified at the time of booking and/or checked for compatibility.

    • Can I carry my pets in the cabin?

      You can carry small dogs and cats in Economy Class and Business Class in a suitable carrier (waterproof, bite-proof) up to a maximum size of 55x40x23 cm. Your pet must be able to stand up and lie down comfortably. 

      Total weight of pet + travel bag or pet carrier must not exceed 8 kg (18 lb). 
      The pet carrier must be placed under the seat in front of you. Pets must remain in the pet carrier or travel bag at all times. 

      Only one pet carrier is allowed per passenger.

      Reservations must be made by phone at least 48 hours in advance.
      Please note: only a limited number of pet carriers can be accommodated in the cabin (max 3 each flight).​

      The passenger is responsible for all documentation required for pet transport. 
      Charge per flight
      -           Domestic flights (within Italy or within Germany): EUR 50
      -           Flights within Europe (e.g.: Verona-Munich): EUR 60  

    • What about pets in the hold?

      Your pet can travel with you when you fly with Air Dolomiti. In the cargo hold we can carry:
      •    Dogs
      •    Cats
      •    Rabbits
      •    Hares

      Always let the airline know if you wish to bring your pet at least 48 hours in advance. The pet transport service must be included in your airline reservation and, if other airlines are on your itinerary, make sure they will accept your pet by checking in advance.

      ** ATTENTION: all flights transiting at Munich Airport do not accept pets in the hold (restriction not applied on passenger travelling to/ from the United States accompanied by “Emotional Dogs”) **

      Your pet will travel in the aircraft hold, in a ventilated area, in a pet carrier that complies with current IATA regulations. In addition to the type of pet, Air Dolomiti needs to know the three measurements of the pet carrier in centimetres and the total weight, including the pet, in kilos. The pet carrier must not exceed the following: L 100 x W 65 x H 70 cm.

      • The size of the carrier must allow your pet to stand upright, turn around and lie down comfortably.  
      • Make sure the pet carrier is leak-proof and lined with absorbent material such as newspapers, cardboard or blankets. 
      • The pet carrier must be escape-proof. We recommend sturdy plastic or wooden containers made of non-harmful and non-toxic materials. Wire-mesh cages are not permitted.
      • To prevent harm to your pet, the interior of the pet carrier must have no sharp corners, edges or nails. 
      • If the pet carrier has wheels, they must be removed.  
      • Food and water bowls (empty) must be fixed inside the carrier or to it. They must be made of non-harmful, non-toxic materials. 
      • Pet carriers must have ventilation holes on all four sides.  
      • The leash should not be placed inside the pet carrier, but tied to or fastened on top of it. The leash may also be kept in your hand luggage.  

      If you intend to fly with your pet, please inform the airline well in advance, because the number of animals allowed in the hold is limited (max 2 each flight).​
      The passenger is responsible for providing all documentation necessary for pet transport. 
      For special regulations that apply to breeds of fighting dogs and snub-nosed animals, please consult our "Pets in the hold" section.


      Charge per flight
      For pet carriers up to: 60X45X40 cm
      -           Domestic flights (within Italy or within Germany): EUR 80
      -           Flights within Europe (e.g.: Verona-Munich): EUR 100
      For pet carriers up to: 80X55X55 cm or 100X65X70 cm
      -           Domestic flights (within Italy or within Germany): EUR 160
      -           Flights within Europe (e.g.: Verona-Munich): EUR 200

      Please note that if you and your animal are travelling via Frankfurt, an additional transfer surcharge of EUR 150 will be added to your booking. This is valid for tickets issued on or after 1st April 2021.


    • Does Air Dolomiti accept guide and assistance dogs on board?

      Yes, Air Dolomiti accepts guide and service dogs on board.
      Assistance dogs for those with hearing or visual impairments or other recognized needs are carried free of charge.

      The service must be requested when making the reservation. It is not necessary for the dog to be kept in a pet carrier during the flight, but a leash and muzzle are recommended.

      During take-off, landing and in the instance of turbulence, the animal must be fitted with a suitable safety harness (this must be provided by the owner) to allow the dog to safely remain next to the passenger accompanying it.
      The dog must fit in the footspace of the owner’s seat: if the dog is too big to fit in front of the seat, the passenger may be offloaded or acceptance may be refused.

      Since the number of animals that can be carried in the cabin is limited, please notify us promptly if you will be travelling with an assistance dog.
      Please note that some countries have special provisions for the entry of animals. You are therefore advised to make inquiries well in advance.

    • Can I bring on board my own baby baskets or car seats for my children?

      The child restraint systems are not available on board, but as parents you can bring your own car seats or baby baskets on board with you for your children.
      Infants under two years of age can travel on the lap of an accompanying adult, but can also travel on a separate seat. In this case, the child must be secured by a child restraint system that the adult must bring on board with them, which is his property and therefore also his responsibility.
      By taking your own child restraint system on board you confirm that you are aware of the following airline’s general rules:
      the child restraint system is an approved product, otherwise there is no guarantee that you will be able to use it on board 
      the child restraint system is in perfect working order
      you are familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions for the system’s use and fitting in an aircraft and you can attach the child restraint system to the passenger seat on your own (our flight attendants will not be able to help you)
      you have agreed that the child restraint system must be checked in as hold baggage if it cannot be fitted properly to the passenger seat. In this case, the baby (under 2 years) must sit on an adult’s lap throughout the flight despite the purchased seat
      you are aware that the child restraint system must not impede other passengers in the event of a possible emergency evacuation: therefore seating at the exit rows or one row in front or behind the exit row is not permitted; moreover we recommend that you choose a window seat for the child using the child restraint system.
    • What are the rights of persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air?

      On July 26th 2008 the EC Regulation No. 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air has become effective.
      The purpose of the regulation is to assure

      "[...] the protection of and provision of assistance to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility travelling by air, both to protect them against discrimination and to ensure that they receive assistance." (art. 1).

      For more information download the EC Regulation No. 1107/2006.The provisions of the Regulation cover all the services required to facilitate all activities involved in departure, transit and arrival at destination. 
      To benefit from the assistance services, passengers must notify the carrier or travel agent concerned of the services required at least 48 hours before the published time of departure. 

      See the assistance provided by airport management.
      See the assistance provided by carriers.

      Today’s airports offer facilities for passengers with reduced mobility. Information on the assistance available is generally found on the website of the airport concerned. You may also request information directly from the airport administration.

    • Is an airline ticket valid in lieu of a receipt for claiming tax relief for expenses?

      Yes, in Italy airline tickets are held to be the equivalent of a receipt and as such fully comply with requirement to issue documentation recording payment received for services. This point was clarified in the Italian Revenue Agency’s Act No.349/E issued 28/11/2007.

    • Can children fly unaccompanied? From what age are children allowed to travel alone?

      ** Updated information **

      Until further notice, no new UMNR booking requests may be accepted on connecting flights with stopover at Munich or Frankfurt hubs (for example Verona-Frankfurt-London).
      Currently special service for unaccompanied children can only be booked on point to point flights to Munich and Frankfurt (for example on Verona-Frankfurt flight).


      Children who have reached 5 but not 12 years need not to be handled as UMNR if accompanied by a passenger of 12 years and older (for doubts, please verify with our Sales Center).

      For Italian minors departing from Italian airports, flying abroad: minors aged between 5 and 13 years can only fly unescorted if they use the compulsory special service for unaccompanied children (UMNR service) or travel with a passenger aged at least 14 (if you have any questions, please contact our Sales Center).
      The UMNR service is not compulsory but optional for all minors between the ages of 12 (14 for Italian minors) and 17. 
      All minors with Italian citizenship who use the UMNR service must be in possession of a "Dichiarazione di Affido" (delegation) entrusting them to the airline. This document must be requested from an Italian police station (not available from the airport police office); if the minor lives outside Italy, the document can be issued by an Italian embassy or consulate.

      The delegation is not required for flights within Italy (for example charter flights Verona-Cagliari). In this case, the special service for unaccompanied children (UMNR) is compulsory for all the minors up to 12 years.
      To apply for the UMNR service, please contact our Sales Center or the travel agency that made the reservation, providing the full details of the person accompanying the minor to the airport on departure and the person who will be waiting at the airport on arrival (name, surname, address, telephone number, degree of kinship).

      Once on board, unaccompanied minors will be seated where the crew’s instructions can be seen and heard for the entire duration of the flight. 

      The special service for unaccompanied children (UMNR) has an additional charge, that applies per route and per child (even in the case of siblings travelling together):

      Flights within Italy and Europe € 85,00

      The outbound and return flights are counted as two separate flights.

      Please note that other airlines' regulations for unaccompanied children can be different: if your planned journey includes flights operated by airlines other than Air Dolomiti, please verify directly with the respective airline about the rules applied for children travelling alone.

    • Can I make a name change after I have booked?

      Should you mistype a name, you can amend the name/surname of a passenger up to a maximum of 3 letters.
      Please note that amendments are not allowed where it involves changing a passenger’s gender (male/female).

        wrong ROSSI/MARIO MR -> right ROSSI/MARINO -> ALLOWED

      Passengers are kindly requested to notify our Sales Centre of any misspelling or changes by calling +39 045 2886140 within 2 working days before departure.


    • Can I choose and reserve my seat in advance?

      Yes, you can book your preferred seats in advance paying a small surcharge. Air Dolomiti passengers can choose and reserve seats up to 52 hours before departure. 
      The advance seat reservation can be done only if the flight booking is confirmed (no waiting list bookings).

      It is possible, for Air Dolomiti flights, to reserve preferred seats in advance directly during your flight booking or in a second step through the "Manage booking" section.

      You can find all the information on optional, chargeable advance seat reservation in Economy Class in Seat Reservation area.
      The seat reservation is free of charge for passengers in Business Class


      Seat selection free of charge during check-in
      All the seats which are still available can, of course, be selected free of charge as soon as check-in for the relevant flight opens – usually from 23 hours before departure. Please note, however, that by this time the choice of seats may be limited.


      Adding or changing a seat after booking your flight
      You can book or change your seat reservation contacting Air Dolomiti Sales Center (+390452886140 Available Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 8:00 pm; Saturday-Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Except public holidays) or online, through the "Manage your booking" area. The booking or the change is possible up to 52 hours before departure.

      Please note that changes are only possible on seats with the same or lower price and already paid charges will not be refunded.

      Please note that a confirmed advance seat reservation does not give you a legal right to a particular seat on board the aircraft (e.g. seat 3A) but only to the selected category (e.g. aisle, window, seat with more legroom).


      Operationally necessary seat changes
      If Air Dolomiti has to change your seat reservation, for example because of a last-minute change to the aircraft type deployed, Air Dolomiti will do its best to reserve a new, equivalent seat for you automatically. In these cases priority is firstly given to passengers who are travelling together, such as families, so that they can still sit next to each other. After that, there is the allocation of seats with more legroom in the emergency exit rows and of aisle and window seats. If it is not possible to allocate you a new seat equivalent to your original, then you are entitled to a refund of the amount you paid for your seat reservation. Please contact Air Dolomiti Sales Center to arrange this. Where seat changes have to be made for operationally necessary reasons, you unfortunately have no legal right to a certain seat, only to the category, such as an aisle or window seat.
      If you receive an upgrade from Air Dolomiti for operational reasons or as a gesture of goodwill, paid-for seat reservations cannot be refunded.


      Ticket rebookings and refunds
      You can change or cancel your airline ticket with an existing seat reservation contacting Air Dolomiti Sales Center.

      If you have paid a fee for the seat reservation on the flight that you wish to change, Air Dolomiti will automatically try to book you an equivalent seat on your new flight. Please note that amounts already paid for seat reservations cannot be refunded if there are no seats or no equivalent seats available for reservation on the changed flight.

      Should you wish to cancel your journey, paid-for seat reservations will automatically be taken into account and refunded according to the standard terms and conditions where applicable.

      Paid-for seat reservations cannot be refunded if:
      -  you change your seat, but the new seat is cheaper than the one you originally booked or is free of charge;
      - you rebook your flight, but there are no longer equivalent seats available on the new flight; seat reservations on the new flight are free of charge;
      - you change your flight and in the process change the routing (no guarantee of equivalent seating).




    • Can I carry my personal wheelchair?

      Please contact us at the time of booking your flight if you wish to travel with your own wheelchair. This can be embarked directly at the check-in counter on the day of the flight, tagged and stored in the hold. Carriage is free of charge.
      Personal wheelchairs must fold flat; chairs powered by a liquid battery will not be accepted. The maximum size of wheelchair allowed is: 120 x 101 x 71 cm, and the weight must not exceed 80 kg.
      If your wheelchair is battery-powered, please find out what type of batteries it takes and inform our Sales Center when you book your flight or at least within 48 hours before departure. Depending on the battery type, wheelchairs are subject to certain transport requirements. You could be requested to provide the technical data sheet of the mobility aid.
      Wheelchairs powered by wet-cell batteries are not accepted on board of Air Dolomiti flights.

      If necessary, we can provide free assistance to go from the check-in desk to the aircraft steps, to climb the aircraft steps or to reach a seat in the cabin. The wheelchair will be provided by the airport.  

      IMPORTANT: please consider that onboard wheelchairs are not available on our aircrafts


    • When shall I complete a medical assistance form?

      For some illnesses or disabilities (such as heart or lung conditions, strokes, etc.), injuries from accidents or chronic pain, fitness for air travel must be assessed by the Air Dolomiti Medical Service.
      If there are doubts as to whether it is safe for you to fly, you or your doctor must apply in advance for an Air Dolomiti health assessment. A decision must be taken at least 48 hours before departure.
      In such cases, please download our medical assistance form, complete it and email it to the airline physician: 
      Dr Alessandro Olivieri 

      For more information, please contact our Sales Center at +39 0452886140 (Mon.-Fri. 08.30 to 20.00 and Sat./Sun. 09.00 to 17.00 – Public holidays: closed). 

      PLEASE NOTE: oxygen cylinders and tanks for medical purposes are not allowed on Air Dolomiti flights and this service is not provided by the airline.
      POC (portable oxygen concentrators) may be used on board, prior to notice being given via our medical assistance form.


    • What do I have to consider when taking an assistance dog with me?

      On Air Dolomiti flights, you can bring your assistance dog into the cabin with you free of charge, when trained and recognised as service dogs such as, for example, guide dogs 
      For further information please read "Assistance dogs" paragraph, inside the Pets section.