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Hold luggage

    • Prohibited articles in the checked baggage

      For reasons of safety, the following items may not be transported in checked baggage: explosives and incendiary substances and devices.

      The list of forbidden items in accordance with EU Directive 2015/1998 can be found ​here.


    • Hold luggage

      If you have purchased a Fare that does not include hold luggage, you have the option of adding luggage to your reservation directly online, when booking your flight ticket or in a second moment during the "Manage bookingsection or by calling the Air Dolomiti Call Center. You get the best rates if you pay up to 24 hours before flight departure – or you may pay for your extra luggage at a higher rate at the airport.

      You may add extra bags for adults and children, except infants (children under two). This ancillary service is not refundable.


      For all flights out of or into Munich to or from Bari, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Turin, Venice and Verona and the routes Frankfurt-Verona and Frankfurt-Turin, and only if flying on an Air Dolomiti NOBAG fare ticket (that does not include hold luggage):

      Economy LIGHT fares – Excess Baggage Fees Fares valid online At airport check-in desks At airport gates
      First bag €25 €40 €55
      Second or extra bag €80

      For all flights out of or into Munich to or from Bari, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Turin, Venice and Verona and the route Frankfurt-Verona and Frankfurt-Turin, and only if flying on an Air Dolomiti fare ticket that includes hold luggage:

        Fares with hold luggage included – Excess baggage Fees
      First suitcase INCLUDED
      Second or extra suitcase €80


      Fees are per leg for each passenger. Each extra bag can be up to the same size and weight as a standard checked bag. If at the airport your luggage exceeds the standard allowance either in weight and dimension, a surcharge may be applied. Bags over 32kg cannot be checked in.

      If the extra baggage fare is paid for at the airport, an extra fee may be applicable. 

      Important information

      For all flights Milan Malpensa - Munich - Milan Malpensa, Munich - Graz - Munic, Frankfurt - Linz - Frankfurt and Milan Linate - Frankfurt - Milan Linate when you purchase an Economy Light fare on this website you will only be able to add a checked-in bag through our ticket office at the airport or Air Dolomiti Customer Service phone: +39 045 2886140 (from Germany +49 089 97580497) email: This will be charged as an extra service. 

      Prices valid from 13th June 2017:

        Economy LIGHT – Excess Baggage Fees Economy LIGHT – Extra baggage fares Economy LIGHT – Extra baggage fares
        Baggage addition through Air Dolomiti Sales Center, on and through Lufthansa Customer Service  Baggage addition at airport check-in desk  Baggage addition at airport gate
      First hold baggage 25,00€ 40,00€ 55,00€

      I passeggeri Honor, Senator e Star Gold member in possesso di un biglietto Air Dolomiti (che inizia con numerazione 101), hanno diritto, oltre alla franchigia bagaglio prevista da biglietto, a trasportare gratuitamente un bagaglio in stiva aggiuntivo: max 23kg per prenotazioni in classe economy, max 32kg per prenotazioni in classe business o in alternativa un’attrezzatura da golf. La tariffa Light non include più il trasporto gratuito di bagaglio extra o di una sacca da golf. 


      Additional free baggage (up to 23 kg in Economy class; up to 32 kg in Business class) or free golf equipment are allowed for HON, Senators or Star Gold members with an Air Dolomiti ticket (starting with 101).
      From September 1st 2017, the additional free baggage or free golf equipment allowance is not applicable to HON/SEN and Gold Star Members traveling with LIGHT fare anymore. Therefore all checked baggage has to be charged as extra baggage.


  • Dangerous goods