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In-Flight Entertainment System

Thanks to the valuable collaboration with Lufthansa Systems, Europe's largest aviation IT provider, a new version of the in-flight entertainment system is now available on our flights, providing free access to a range of content.

In-flight entertainment was set up in 2017, installed on all of the company's aircraft equipment that creates a WiFi network, guaranteeing coverage for the entire cabin. The service is free of charge and accessible to passengers simply by setting their device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) to flight mode before take-off and activating Wi-Fi in their settings. Access is quick and easy via, and no additional device-specific app needs to be downloaded.  

The new solution offers a better, more efficient service and justifies the Company's choice of a digital approach, also with a view to continuous improvement that facilitates the integration of future digital innovations. The IFE system allows passengers to connect even at high altitude, accessing a wide range of content for free: major Italian, German and international newspapers, magazines, videos, mini-games, music, destination guides and the moving map section (featuring live tracking of the aircraft position on the map), as well as updated information on the company's special offers and/or partners and on in-flight events. All content is available in three languages: Italian, English and German.