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Dangerous goods

  • Dangerous goods
    • Dangerous goods

      For safety reasons the following items are not allowed on board:

      •    Briefcases with built-in alarm devices
      •    Explosives, fireworks, flares
      •    Pressurized containers containing irritant gases, self-defence sprays, camping gas
      •    Containers with flammable liquids such as lighter fuel, paint, varnish, cleaning agents
      •    Items that ignite easily, such as matches
      •    Substances that emit flammable gases upon contact with water
      •    Oxidizing substances, such as bleaching powder, peroxides
      •    Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances, such as mercury, bacteria and virus cultures
      •    Radioactive materials and items
      •    Corrosive substances, such as acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries
      •    Strongly magnetic materials
      •    Petrol-operated equipment and tools that have contained minimal amounts of petrol (e.g. for test purposes)
      •    Electro shock weapons, such as tasers
      •    Arms and ammunition carried for other reasons than hunting and sport. For more information, please check directly with the Airline.

      Rule for lighters and electronic cigarettes
      You are allowed to carry a cigarette lighter on your person if it is intended for personal use and is filled with (fully absorbed) liquid gas fuel. Safety matches may also only be carried on your person. Passengers are required to carry electronic cigarettes in the cabin and not in checked baggage.The carriage of all lighters, petrol and storm lighters, lighters filled with unabsorbed fuel, butane gas lighters and cigar lighters, lighter fuel or refills is forbidden in checked baggage.

      Ban of “Self-Balancing Electronic Devices” (e.g. Hoverboards)
      These devices are classified as dangerous goods and specified by UN3171 “battery powered equipment”. Therefore they cannot be carried as portable electronic devices (PED). Passengers and Crews are not allowed to carry these devices as carry on- or checked baggage. Exception: Passenger holds a medical/disability certificate, stating obvious need.