The Fleet

Since its inception in 1991, Air Dolomiti has focused its attention on innovation and growth, resulting in the continuous evolution of the fleet over the past years to keep up with the latest developments in aeronautical engineering.


The first flights were carried out with the De Havilland DASH 8-300, 50-seat bi-turbo propelled aircraft that was very successful for regional air transport because of its combination of versatility and high performance. The excellent work of Air Dolomiti and its efficient management of the Dash series, earned it the title of "most efficient company in the world", granted by the Canadian production company. 


In 1993 Air Dolomiti opted for a change of course, in line with the company's growing development, which led it to join the Franco-Italian consortium ATR, world leader in the turboprop sector. Thanks to this collaboration, the Company received the first five ATR 42-320s, an aircraft series designed specifically for the 50-70-seat segment and with PW121 engines capable of offering better aircraft performance at high altitudes.


The Air Dolomiti fleet was thus composed only of turboprop aircraft, in continuity with the initial project. The company image representing homogeneity and consistency, promoted by Air Dolomiti, will distinguish it for years to come.


Since 1995, the Company has further expanded its fleet with the acquisition of the first two ATR 42-500 aircrafts, for which it was launch customer for Europe the same year. The new six-bladed propellers and the elongated shape of the fuselage allow this new model to cover longer distances with greater levels of autonomy, favouring the development of new routes of the turquoise diamond to northern Europe. Only a year later, Air Dolomiti also proceeded with the creation of an independent logistics system and its own catering department, with the aim of having greater control over the processes and, consequently, providing an overall superior service.


In 1998, when the livery "restyling" was carried out, the ATR 72-500 entered the market and Air Dolomiti once again became its ambassador. This model represented the most modern turboprop on the market at the time and the best in terms of the relationship between performance and consumption. Air Dolomiti imposed a configuration of 64 seats - the actual capacity of the aircraft being 72 - to ensure maximum comfort for passengers on board.


At the beginning of 2000, the Company had a fleet of 15 aircrafts and was able to meet the growing feederage requirements of the European market. It is on entry into the jet market, however, that Air Dolomiti welcomed a new phase of expansion. The use of the new Canadair Regional Jet 200 - which increased the fleet to 21 aircrafts - allowing for further improvement in terms of safety and efficiency, as well as considerable alignment with the German Lufthansa who were already long-time users of jets.


In 2004, they introduced five BAE 146-300 quadreactor jets, with a special 99-seat configuration, chosen to maintain the high standards of on-board comfort, adopted by the company and to meet an ever-increasing demand within the regional air segment. This demand would be fully satisfied from 2009, with the adoption of the brand-new Embraer 195 - the model for which it will once again be the launching customer in Italy - technologically advanced aircrafts, equipped with jet engines and specifically created for the 70-120-seat sector. Unlike similar aircrafts of its kind, the Embraer has been designed, from the outset, for the mid-range segment, prioritising both comfort and elegance.


In February 2024 a further Embraer 190 was added to the Air Dolomiti fleet, bringing the total number of aircrafts to 21.



Download E195 seat map here.

Download E190 seat map here.