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Special baggage

  • Dangerous goods
    • General conditions

      You can bring sporting equipment and other items instead of a suitcase only if you have booked your flight in a fare that includes hold luggage (in this case sporting equipment is included in the free baggage allowance).
      If you booked your flight in a fare that does not include hold luggage​, you will be charged the fee for the transportation of sporting equipment.

      For items larger than 2 meters or heavier than 32kg, transportation will be denied. 

      Important: reserve for special baggage

      Because of limited space on our aircraft, you need to make a reservation for the transportation of some types of special baggage as early as possible – no later than 48 hours before departure.

      Make sure that the reservation is confirmed before departure to ensure that you can take your special baggage with you.

    • Skis and snowboards

      •    A pair of skis max 2 metres long (or a snowboard), a pair of poles, a pair of ski boots (in a separate bag), a helmet.

      Ski equipment must be booked in advance as a limited number of skis may be transported due to limited space in the aircraft. 

      Starting from 8th April 2019 in addition to your free baggage allowance, you may carry one set of ski (snow) or snowboarding equipment free of charge on your flight. A fee of €80 per piece and route will be charged for any additional skiing or snowboarding equipment.
      This is not applicable to tickets without free baggage allowance (for example PRESTO fare).


    • Golf clubs and umbrellas

      •    Golf equipment containing one set of golf clubs, golf balls and a pair of shoes, all packed in a recognised bag or case to safeguard against damage.
      •    A golf umbrella or parasol carried separately counts as one item of baggage.

      Starting from 1st September 2018, a fee of €80 per piece and route will be charged.

    • Bicycles

      Air Dolomiti accepts up to 5 regular non-motorised bicycles (e-bikes are forbidden) per flight. 
      Important: bicycles will only be accepted if they are packaged in a suitable bicycle case or a similar protective bag (cardboard, hard plastic, etc).
      Any manipulation of handlebars or pedals is not required. Deflating of tyres is not required.
      Transportation of bicycles must be booked in advance as space on the aircraft is limited. 

      Tandem bicycle: not accepted on Air Dolomiti flights.

      Starting from 1st September 2018, a fee of €80 per piece and route will be charged.

    • Diving equipment

      •    Diving mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, BCD-jacket, regulator, an empty tank bottle, a lamp (switched off, energy source separately packed, remove battery to protect against short circuit) 
      Transportation of diving equipment must be booked in advance.

      Starting from 1st September 2018, a fee of €80 per piece and route will be charged.


    • Surfing equipment

      •    A kite bag and a kite board. Please note that the transportation of windsurf boards or wave boards is not allowed . 
      Transportation of  surfing equipment must be booked in advance.

      Starting from 1st September 2018, a fee of €80 per piece and route will be charged.


    • Firearms for shooting and hunting sports

      Only firearms and ammunition for shooting and hunting sports can be carried, and these only as checked hold baggage subject to strict conditions. The carriage of firearms must always be booked in advance.
      In addition to the firearm or its case, you may carry a maximum of 5 kg of ammunition for shooting/hunting sports.

      Please note:
      •    You must have all the necessary permits
      •    Ammunition must be exclusively for sporting purposes
      •    Firearms must be unloaded and packed in an unbreakable case. 
      •    The cartridges and ammunition must be carried separately from firearms in an unbreakable case and must be firmly secured in the case to protect them against impact and movement.
      •    The carriage of ammunition with explosive or incendiary bullets is not permitted.
      •    When checking in the baggage, you must declare that the firearms are not loaded and that the ammunition has been packed separately, and complete the form provided. More information will be supplied at check-in.
      •    Once the firearms have been checked in and tagged, the carrier will provide a suitable escort and handling of the firearms and/or ammunition to the aircraft.
      •    Return of the firearm at the destination will comply with local regulations. In the case of flights arriving in Italy, passengers must report to the Police Bureau for the return of the firearm and/or ammunition. The carriage of weapons and ammunition is subject to international and national legislation. More specifically, for flights departing from and/or arriving in Italy, the applicable law is No. 694/74.                                          

      The service must be requested when making the reservation. In some airports, may ask travellers to pay an additional fee for handling weapons.

      A fee of €50 per piece and route will be charged.​

      Further fees may apply, depending on the departure airport, for security measures in which case these will be charged separately.

    • Other special baggage

      If you wish to transport any other item or special baggage, you may incur an additional fee. You always need to reserve the transportation of special baggage by contacting the Air Dolomiti Sales Center as early as possible, no later than 48 hours before departure.

    • Musical instruments

      Musical instruments can be carried in one of the following three ways: 

      1.    As extra baggage. 
      The instrument must not weigh more than 23 kg and must be in a hard case. Make sure the instrument is properly packed: Air Dolomiti will not be liable for any damage. The instrument must be included in the passenger reservation. Check the cost of the service by contacting our Sales Center directly.

      2.    As hand baggage.
      Small musical instruments, such as violins or smaller instruments, can be carried free of charge with you into the cabin instead of hand luggage. The instrument must be small enough to fit in the overhead cabin lockers: please bear in mind that the max permitted dimensions are 55 x 40 x 23 cm (height x width x depth) and the max weight is 8 kg

      3.     On an extra seat. 
      Larger instruments that do not fit into the overhead cabin lockers or under the seat may be carried onboard, reserving a dedicated seat in the cabin, provided they fall within certain measurements. The maximum measurements are 155x42x25 cm from the floor of the cabin or 110x42x50cm from the seat. The maximum weight allowed is 75kg.
      This seat must be booked at the same time as the passenger ticket by contacting Air Dolomiti. The service is subject to costs that must be checked directly with the airline.

      The carriage of musical instruments must always be booked in advance, not later than 48 hours before flight departure.


    • Fencing equipment

      •    One bag containing one mask, one fencing uniform and one fencing blade.

      Starting from 1st September 2018, a fee of €80 per piece and route will be charged.