Preliminary info

Are there any special rules for pregnant women?

How can I ask for any special assistance?

Can I carry my pets in the cabin?

What about pets in the hold?

Does Air Dolomiti accept guide and assistance dogs on board?

What are the rights of persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air?

Is an airline ticket valid in lieu of a receipt for claiming tax relief for expenses?

Can children fly unaccompanied? From what age are children allowed to travel alone?

Can I choose and reserve my seat in advance?

Can I carry my personal wheelchair?

When shall I complete a medical assistance form?

What do I have to consider when taking an assistance dog with me?

How can I pay online for my flight?

What is 3D Secure Code and how does it work?

Where can I find information about allergies?

Can I bring on board my own baby baskets or car seats for my children?