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In flight

    • Does Air Dolomiti serve special meals?

      Yes, on Air Dolomiti flights special meals are served exclusively in Business Class on flights of more than 75 minutes’ duration.

      Please remember to order your special meal up to 24 hours before flight departure, through the Air Dolomiti Sales Center (tel: +390452886140; e-mail address: The special meal service is free of charge.


    • What is meant by Air Dolomiti-Settimocielo in-flight events?

      Hospitality on board Air Dolomiti flights is provided by our Settimocielo, or “seventh heaven” service, which has won a number of international awards. This high-flying asset is one reason why an Air Dolomiti flight is such a rewarding experience, part of Air Dolomiti’s commitment to promoting Italian taste and style in the skies of Europe.

      Air Dolomiti in-flight services provide:
      •         Business class:
      o   Courtesy seat kept free
      o   Refresher towels
      o   Meals served on individual trays with china plates, steel cutlery and glasses
      o   Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as appropriate:
      -  Continental breakfast
      -  Cold Lunch or Dinner
      -  Afternoon snack
      o   Meals served with warm bread and desserts
      o   A selection of soft and hot drinks
      o   A choice of selected white or red wines or spumante/prosecco from Italy’s top producers

      •         Economy class:
      o   Refresher towels
      o   Pre-packed snacks selected to suit the time of day and length of flight
      o   A selection of soft and hot drinks
      o   A choice of selected white or red wines or spumante/prosecco from Italy’s top producers. As in our premium Emotion class, wine is served in glasses so that it can be savoured to the full

    • Does Air Dolomiti offer in-flight entertainment system?

      Passengers can now access a range of free content through our sophisticated in-flight entertainment system.
      Info on our destinations, leading Italian and international newspapers, magazines, games and other useful data are all at your fingertips, while our moving map section helps you track your flight. Available in English, German and Italian.
      Simply set your device (phone, tablet, laptop) to airplane mode and activate the appropriate Wi-Fi for your seat (either ENWiFi_seat_01to15 or ENWiFi_seat_16to32) through our user-friendly interface to access a world of entertainment.  

      This service is completely free, easy to access and does not require you to download any app.
      An important new service following the introduction of our digital eJournals, newspapers and magazines.