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Sweet Flights with Pastiglie Leone!

Pastiglie Leone and Air Dolomiti have teamed up to make your flights even more tasty. Over the next few months all passengers flying on our Embraer aircraft will be offered these delicious sweets, made by the famous Turin-based firm. The sweets come in personalised packaging featuring Air Dolomiti’s characteristic turquoise diamond and are served in three versions: fruit jellies for the whole cabin, packets of pastilles for economy class and tins of pastilles for the business class. And the flavour? We’ve chosen to freshen your flight with a delicately-flavoured piedmontese peppermint. Enjoy!

Italy was not even united yet, but the Pastiglie Leone sweets were already here! 
The story of Pastiglie Leone is not just the history of a company. It is the story of a country that seems sweeter if you tell it whilst eating those little pastel coloured buttons that have been around forever. It all started in 1857 when Luigi Leone opened a sweetshop in Alba and started making sugar drops. They were so popular that his laboratory moved to Turin to serve the Royal Family. In 1934, the company was taken over by the Monero family who, with a true love for confectionery, created the unmistakable and evergreen style of Pastiglie Leone that still exists today. In 2018, the baton has been handed over to an Italian entrepreneur, with the aim of adding value to the company while respecting its heritage and tradition. Pastiglie Leone creates not only candy originals but also candies, fruit jellies and bean to bar chocolate, using only the best ingredients, keeping alive the best traditions in Italian sweet making.