All the tips useful for packing checked luggage

What should I pack?

A question that is often a source for anxiety before leaving for a flight. The risk involved in poor organisation is not being prepared for all eventualities and of having to buy items again directly at your destination. Smart packing means knowing how to pick out the really important things and arranging them in the best possible way.
Here then is a small guide to becoming the perfect traveller:

- first off, it may be useful to make a list of the things to take a few days in advance, so as to have time to add items as you think of them;

check the weather forecast for your stay. So as to be ready to face sudden drops in temperature or storms always take a rain cape with you so you can move around in total freedom or, if you prefer, an umbrella;

choose a small number of items of coordinated clothing so you can create different outfits every day;

- calculate a few extra items of underwear - they don’t take up much room and can be very useful;

- prepare an emergency first aid kit (such as pain killers, plasters, aspirin or paracetamol, mosquito and insect repellent, etc.);

leave some room for your holiday or travel purchases. A suitcase already at the weight limit at departure can be awkward when the time comes to pack again. It may be that you also have to say no to presents through lack of weight allowance on the return flight;

carry valuables with you in your hand luggage, read the list of items banned on planes and check the conditions for carrying liquids in the flight cabin;

buy any adapters you may need before your trip; the cost at the airport may be well above their real value;

- remember too to pack the chargers you need for your devices;

- as for arranging items in suitcases, place the things that have to be within reach at the top. Your travel documents or jacket should be on top of everything else or placed directly in a special pocket or compartment within easy reach.

Packing naturally also depends on the needs of the individual passenger and the chosen destination of your trip. This guide is intended as just a starting point for helping you to pack.

You’ll find further details about what to pack in checked luggage in our luggage section. If you need to add an item of luggage go to our additional services section.

We hope this guide helps you to organise your flight in the best possible way.
Remember that our flight and ground staff will be happy to assist you with any need. Enjoy travelling with Air Dolomiti!