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The best things to do in Ancona

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Located on the eastern coast of Italy, Ancona is a hidden gem that deserves to be discovered. Appreciated for its coastlines, the richness of its architectural heritage and its evocative views, the city is an ideal destination for those who love relaxation and good food.

Visit Ancona

Touched by the sea both to the east and the west, Ancona is the only city in Italy from which it is possible to admire the rising and setting of the sun over the sea. The ancient port is an ideal starting point for discovering its riches as it offers a long, romantic walk that leads to some of the most representative monuments of the Marche capital: one of these is undoubtedly the Arch of Trajan, which represents a of the most important Roman remains in the Marche and one of the best-preserved monuments in Italy.

The privileged point from which to observe the view of the sea is the Cathedral of San Ciriaco, a Romanesque-Byzantine cathedral which houses the body of the martyr inside and represents the highest point of the city: from here, going down towards the port, it is possible to visit Piazza del Plebiscito, also called Piazza del Papa by the people of Ancona in honour of Clement VII, which also overlooks the Civic Tower with the clock, the Government Palace and some enchanting noble palaces.

What to do in Ancona between culture, art and nature

Visiting Ancona is an unmissable opportunity to discover museum attractions and valuable artistic works: the Mole Vanvitelliana, also known by the name of Lazzaretto and built at the behest of the King of Naples, Charles of Bourbon, based on a design by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli, is one of the best attractions in the city. Born as a warehouse for goods arriving from the port, it has now become the setting for important cultural events: inside, in addition to a small temple dedicated to S. Rocco, there is the Omero Tactile Museum with 150 reproductions of artistic masterpieces from Ancient Greece at the Renaissance and original works by Italian and international artists.
Among the things to see in Ancona you cannot miss the Pinacoteca Civica Podesti, which, in addition to the works of minor painters of the Marche school, also houses some of the most important masterpieces of the Venetian school. Furthermore, a stay in the city allows you to attend a rich calendar of events and events, with a lively theatre and musical scene that includes both classical concerts and live rock and jazz offered by the nightclubs.

What to eat in Ancona

Among the things to do in Ancona, you cannot miss a gastronomic journey dedicated to succulent fish dishes, such as Ancona-style cod and broth, a typical broth based on molluscs, crustaceans and fish. flavoured by the addition of tomato and accompanied with slices of toasted bread.
Among the dishes to taste there are moscioli or wild mussels, but there is no shortage of land delicacies such as vincisgrassi, puff pastry lasagne with meat and tomato, and porchetta.
The desserts are wonderful, such as donuts, marzipan polonaise and cicerchiata, aniseed spheres covered in honey typical of the carnival period.

Visit Ancona with Air Dolomiti, let yourself be seduced by an unforgettable journey to discover the artistic and natural beauties of a multi-faceted city.

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