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CRM Trainer Course

The aim of the CRM Trainer Course is to empower applicant CRM trainers with the required skills and knowledge to conduct CRM courses for flight crew and cabin crew in an effective and facilitative manner in order to achieve the objectives of CRM training. This course satisfies the skills training requirements by authorities and clearly explains to applicants the level of CRM knowledge they are required to have as trainers.

The objectives of the course are:
• Improve the understanding of Human Factors and their limits, particularly in the flight operations environment;
• Improve teaching skills;
• Acquire a complete understanding of the CRM Trainer role;
• Develop classroom management skill and the ability to deliver a CRM Course.

Entry Requirements
An applicant for the CRM Trainer Course shall have or have held a valid Pilot Licence or Cabin Crew certificate.

Training Course Content
The course is designed to use a mixture of large and small group activities. The number of participants attending the Course will be limited to maximize the benefit derived from debate and to allow ample opportunity for all participants to become actively involved. The instructional method is determined by the subject content and the learning objectives. Presentations, in addition to addressing the subject matter, should demonstrate sound instructional techniques. At the end of the course all participants will perform a practical demonstration through planning and conducting a training session.

The course syllabus will include following subjects:
1. Human Performance Limitation;
2. The learning process;
3. The teaching process;
4. Training management;
5. Personal awareness;
6. Group management and group dynamics;
7. Regulation on Air Operations and EASA requirements;
8. Human Factor in aviation and CRM principles and objectives;
9. Human error (prevention and detection);
10. Safety culture;
11. Stress, fatigue and vigilance;
12. Information acquisition and processing;
13. Situation awareness and Workload management;
14. Decision making;
15. Communication and coordination;
16. Leadership and team behaviour;
17. Automation;
18. Behavioural markers system;
19. CRM lesson preparation.

Duration: 13 working days in a time span of 3 months.
Location: Verona (Italy)

Training Language:
• Italian
• English

Standard Course: the course is organized in specific dates with a minimum of 4 applicants.
Year 2018: to be defined

Flex Course: the course is tailor-made to the applicants’ requirements. The course start can be agreed at any time during the year.

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