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Lufthansa appAll you need: in one swipe of your finger

Experience a new kind of travel with the Lufthansa app. Whether you want to search and book flights, or access information relating to your flight – the app provides comprehensive services that you can use conveniently via your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. In addition, new features are always being added which make travelling with Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti as simple and enjoyable as possible. 

With the Lufthansa app you can:
- Search and book flights
- Retrieve your booking reservation
- Update or change your contact details (email address, phone number)
- Add a checked in baggage 
- Select a seat
- Add your Miles & More card to your booking and get miles credited
- Receive info about your flight details (departure – arrival airport, flight time, flight ready for check-in, cancellation, delay, gate change, flight ready for boarding)
- Receive notification about your baggage claim
- Track the status of your lost/delayed baggage

Download now for smartphone or tablet

To download the app, simply click on the logos of the relevant App Stores and you will be redirected. The app is available for both smartphones and tablets.

Go to iOS download

Go to Android download

Go to download for Huawei devices

The Lufthansa app now listens to you

The Lufthansa app is now becoming even smarter for you. Find out the essentials about your next flight with the new Siri Shortcuts in Apple’s iOS 12, without having to open the app. A short voice command, such as “Hey Siri, my flight”, is enough.

Add the Lufthansa app once only to Siri, and your iPhone will provide you with the information you need by the customised short command. Not yet at the airport? Siri will tell you how long you need to get there and whether your flight is on time. At the airport the same command will tell you your departure gate and how much time there is before boarding. You are already at the gate and boarding has started? Siri produces your mobile boarding pass and also tells you your seat

How to add the Lufthansa app to Siri when your flight takes off within the next 23 hours:

  1. Open the Lufthansa app and log on with your Lufthansa iD or your Miles & More profile. You can also follow this step if you have saved your mobile boarding pass in your Lufthansa app during mobile check-in.
  2. On the homepage, click on "Display details" under "My journey".
  3. At the end of the flight detail page, select "Add to Siri".
  4. Record the personalised voice command you would like to use to call up your information in the future.
  5. The Siri short command is now installed for your Lufthansa app and is ready for use.

Even without a flight booking, you can add the Lufthansa app to the Siri short commands via the Siri settings (Settings > Siri & Search > Lufthansa > Short commands).


The features of the Lufthansa App

The Lufthansa app offers you virtually the same services for all operating systems which you can use conveniently on the go. The following features, among others, are available:
Search for & book flights
With the Lufthansa app you can book and pay for flights. You will find all the connections and flight numbers in the mobile timetable. You can add booked flights easily to your personal calendar.
Baggage belt
Straight after landing you will get a push notification with information about which carousel your baggage will be delivered to. The service is available at Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Milan airports.
Personal Travel Assistant
The Personal Travel Assistant accompanies you from check-in to arrival at your destination. You will be notified automatically about gate changes and your flight status.
Interactive airport maps
The Lufthansa app’s interactive airport maps know all the important locations: from the check-in counter via the shops and play area through to your gate. Our maps show you the way clearly and help you to plan your time.
The airport maps available can be found in the Lufthansa app in the main menu under "Info & Service".
Notification and message centre
The iOS app and the Android app offer you automatic push notifications. This means that you can receive information, for example, about check-in or gate and flight status changes directly on your home screen.
Benefit from saved data
If you have a Lufthansa user profile, when you are logged in you can benefit from automatic data loading, including in your flight booking and under ‘My Bookings’. You can manage your account at any time: for example, you have the option of saving your preferred payment method or favourite destination.
In the app, you can also save personal details such as passport or visa information, which will then be automatically filled in at check-in or when booking a flight. This way you can save unnecessary typing.
Passport scanner
Use the passport scanner to scan and save your passport details quickly and easily. Typing is no longer required.
Find information & navigate
Flight status messages, the latest flight information, advice about baggage or the option of giving us your feedback – with the Lufthansa app you will always be well informed. With the clear slide-in menu for iOS and Android mobile devices in particular, you can navigate conveniently from any page to all services.
iOS & Android: App feedback
Your opinion is important to us, which is why we have simplified our feedback page. Help make the app even better by using the straightforward menu item "Feedback". This will help us to react to user problems even faster.

Everything at a glance – with the Lufthansa app for Apple Watch

The Lufthansa app is now also available for Apple Watch. 
Your benefits with the Lufthansa app for Apple Watch
Travel details are grouped together and shown clearly on the Apple Watch’s display
You’ll get all your flight information including boarding time, terminal, boarding gate and seat number
The timer function counts down the remaining time to boarding minute by minute
You can conveniently check the current weather forecast when you land at your destination


Download the app and synchronise with Apple Watch
To download the Lufthansa app, simply click on the App Store logo. You are being redirected.



Photo courtesy of Lufthansa - Copyright: © Photographer: Jens Görlich