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Air Dolomiti began operations in 1991, with the aim of developing connections from smaller Italian cities to the rest of Europe, concentrating on the frequency and scheduling of its flights and the quality of the service. Today Air Dolomiti represents the Italian branch of Lufthansa, flying out of Italy's main airports to Germany, with around 370 flights weekly to Munich.

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In 2003 Lufthansa Group acquired Air Dolomiti.  

From 2014 Joerg Eberhart holds the position of President and CEO after performing several senior appointments in Lufthansa. 



Air Dolomiti has expanded steadily over the years, and today the company is one of Munich airport’s main international carriers by volume of traffic. 

Over the last few years Air Dolomiti has adapted its business model to meet new market challenges, developing its own-business, independent, commercial initiatives and new flights to complement its consolidated feeder activity in and out of the German hub.

The whole Air Dolomiti system has been certificated ISO 9001.

Over the years Air Dolomiti has built up a cutting-edge fleet thanks to its ongoing policy of renewal, which has seen it invest in aircraft of the latest generation right from its inception. 

Since February 2009 Air Dolomiti has been flying a fleet of Embraer 195s as launch customer in Italy for this flexible, dynamic technological marvel of an aircraft with its innovative design. Built from scratch using virtual reality technology, the E195 has been optimized for the 70-120 seat segment.

The fleet is currently composed by 12 Embraer 195.  

For its own-business segment Air Dolomiti has created an innovative fare structure offering three flexible tiers of pricing plans to suit individual requirements.

For flights from Bari, Bologna, Florence, Venice and Verona to Munich customers can choose between our LIGHT fare, which offers a high quality standard service level: snack and drinks, selected Italian wines from top producers, one carry-on hand baggage and IFE (InFlight Entertainment); the PLUS fare adds a checked-in suitcase, while the EMOTION fare is for all those who wish to travel at maximum level of comfort. 

The carrier with the customer culture

Ever since it first opened for business Air Dolomiti has prided itself on being an efficient, reliable airline which puts customers first. Our service is built around what our customers want, one of the reasons we offer several flights a day from each of our airports and are so passionate about punctuality and running a regular service.