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Our Golf packages

IMPORTANT NOTICE: pursuant to articles 32-51-novies of the Tourism Code implementing Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of 25.11.2018 on tourist packages and related services, Air Dolomiti hereby declares that it is NOT the tourist organizer of the golf package selected by the traveller who will stipulate the travel contract with the tour operator that owns the website where the booking and purchase process will be completed. To protect the traveller, we inform you that all of the tour organizers have taken out a third-party insurance policy in favour of the traveller for compensation for damages deriving from the violation of the obligations contractually assumed and are provided with insurance protection or are subscribed to a guarantee fund in case of insolvency; these details can be found on the website of the relevant travel agent. Consequently, Air Dolomiti does not assume any responsibility in relation to the execution of the golf package selected by the traveler, in that it is not a tour operator, did not sell directly the air transport ticket nor did it facilitate the purchase of other tourist services at tour operators. In any case, assistance and information to passengers is guaranteed pursuant to Reg. (EC) 261/04 (see if in the packages offered and sold by the travel agent chosen by the traveller, the airline carrier is Air Dolomiti.