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What to see in Verona

Verona has plenty of things to see, starting with Piazza Bra, the largest piazza in the city, where the Gran Guardia, Palazzo Barbieri, the Town Hall, and the Arena are located. The latter is the third largest in Italy after the Coliseum and the Amphitheatre of Capua.

Opposite the Arena is Liston, a historic street full of restaurants and renowned cafeterias. From here, you can follow Via Mazzini to Piazza delle Erbe, historic site of the Roman forum and heart of the historic centre. The piazza is adorned with a 14th century fountain incorporating a Roman statue. It is overlooked by historical palazzos and medieval towers.

Continuing the tour of the city, passing the picturesque Ponte di Pietra, you come to the Roman Amphitheatre and its Archaeological Museum. The amphitheatre was built on a hill that dominates the river, while the Museum is housed in the former San Girolamo convent.

Other things to see in Verona certainly include Castelvecchio, with its square towers and red brick battlement walls on the banks of the river Adige. This fortified castle was built in 14th century for defence purposes, but also reflected the ambitions of the Della Scala dynasty of Verona. It is a vast castle, impressive because of its imposing appearance and decidedly military elements, including drawbridges, ditches and a fortified bridge protected by a keep.

The lovely Duomo di Verona is another must see. its dominant style is Romanesque, although it underwent renovations in Gothic and Renaissance eras. It is striking for its two-storied projecting porch, or protiro, embellished with hunting scenes and figures of prophets.

Lastly, a visit to the Church of San Zeno is an absolute must, one of the most significant Roman basilicas in Italy.