The 6 Best Beaches on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a stunning holiday destination in northern Italy. Backed by the snow-tipped Alps, the lake is a fabulous venue for water sports, has beautiful villages lining its shore, great food and wine to enjoy, and easy access to Verona.

Perhaps more importantly, Lake Garda is also an exceptional beach destination. There may be no ocean, but the lake itself offers some wonderful beaches for swimming and sunbathing in the Italian summer sunshine. Here are six of the best.

1. Spiaggia Tifu, Limone sul Garda

Spiaggia Tifu in the historic town of Limone sul Garda offers safe swimming and plenty of amenities like bars and pizzerias. If you want to hit the beach with your family, it is the ideal destination.

2. The Bay of the Sirens

Then there are more secluded spots like Parco Baia delle Sirene (the Bay of the Sirens). Situated on the eastern shore of the lake, this beach offers gourmet dining at nearby trattorias and magical scenery.

3. Malcesine

Another stunning spot on the eastern coast is Malcesine. Set beneath a medieval castle and the soaring Monte Baldo, the beach at Malcesine is a fine place to mix sightseeing and relaxation.

4. Riva del Garda

Further north, you'll find Riva del Garda - a paradise for anyone who enjoys windsurfing. The geography of the mountains around the town channel winds into the bay, producing ideal conditions for windsurfers (and attracting thousands of the sport’s fans every summer).

5. Lazise

Back down south, Lazise offers something different. One of the best beaches on Lake GardaLazise has a soft, sandy beach which makes it comfortable to stroll along. Some of the beach is privately run by a local camp site, but you should be able to find some space to relax without paying a fee.

6. Sirmione

Sirmione is also outstanding. Within a few minutes walk of the incredible castle and the historic town, Sirmione’s beach has a beautiful location and offers the clearest water on Lake Garda. You’ll have to walk 10 minutes from the car park, but it’s well worth the effort.

Lake Garda is only around 32 kilometers northwest of Verona, making it easily accessible. So, if you have seen all of the city’s historic attractions and are wondering what to do in Verona, why not pay a visit to some of the best beaches on Lake Garda? When the weather is warm and the city isn’t so appealing, these beaches are a wonderful place to spend some time.

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