Verona: travel guide

Verona is one of the largest cities in the north of Italy. Consecrated in Shakespeare's tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” as a city of love and immortalised in the European and international panorama for its Roman Amphitheatre known as the Arena, each year it is visited by millions of tourists eager to admire its numerous historic attractions.

This is a city with over two thousand years of history, starting in Roman times, it lived through the Renaissance, then through periods of French and Austrian domination, until it was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. Each of these periods made their mark on the city, leaving Piazza delle Erbe, the Lamberti Tower, the Duomo and Castelvecchio.

Visiting Verona means both enjoying Italian tradition and culture and admiring the way modern urban development has blended in so well with historic architecture. The Adige River flows silently through the city, and beyond the town stand the Veronese hills etched against the horizon in a plumage of brilliant colours, ranging from intense green to the ochre shades of the land.

What To See