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The city of Love

Shakespeare and his "Romeo and Juliet" have turned Verona into one of the most famous Italian cities in the world.
Three landmarks trace the story of their doomed love.

The tour begins in Via Cappello with the famous balcony in the courtyard of Juliet's House, the iconic symbol of these two young lovers.
A few minutes’ walk away is Juliet's tomb in Via del Pontiere, and the cloisters of San Francesco al Corso, the place where the love story came to its tragic end.

Visits to the sites are all free of charge during Verona in Love: an event that involves the entire city every year. Verona in Love 2019 is from 9th until 17th February.
This appointment is dedicated to all the couples who want to plight their troth or declare their love in the city of Romeo and Juliet. Piazza dei Signori hosts a famous heart-shaped market where you can find a huge quantity of sweets and chocolate for the entire period. Large notice boards lining the entrance to Juliet’s famous courtyard are for anyone who wants to make a public declaration of love by leaving a message in Juliet's House.

The Well of Love is another place which must to be visited by lovers. Just follow the narrow streets around Piazza Erbe until you come to Vicolo San Marco in Foro and the Wishing Well; throw a coin in to bring good fortune to your love story: "throw just one coin into the Well and think for a moment about your destiny. Don't be distracted and make no sound... little by little comes love!"

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