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Innsbruck: Attractions and practical tips about the city

Why visit Innsbruck



With Air Dolomiti you can discover Innsbruck. Nestled in the Inn valley, the Austrian city will surprise you with its charm, capable of combining urban environment and nature, cultural events and mountain excursions. Book your trip now, consult our Innsbruck guide and get ready to experience the atmosphere of Tyrol.


In an eclectic mixture of tradition and innovation, you can get lost in the streets of the historic centre, teeming with cafes and typical restaurants, where you can taste the delicacies of local cuisine or dedicate yourself to visiting the numerous historical monuments, churches and buildings that tell the stories of the past and present in the centre of Tyrol.


Experience the most authentic spirit of the Austrian mountains and reach the mountain tops around Innsbruck, thanks to a spectacular and futuristic cable car that will take you, in a few minutes, from the centre to discover the natural beauties that surround the city: excursions, sports activities and breath-taking views await you.

Consult our articles, choose what to see, what to do, what to taste and prepare your travel itinerary: Innsbruck will surprise you with the wealth and variety of its proposals, suitable for both single travellers and families.

What to visit in Innsbruck

Ambras Castle, a pearl a few kilometres from Innsbruck:

A few kilometres from the capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck, is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Austria: Ambras Castle. This treasure chest of art, now easy to reach by public transport, was built by the Archduke of Austria Ferdinand II as a gift of an initially secret love for the young Philippine Welser. Today, it represents an unmissable stop for anyone who wants to be amazed by a repertoire of works of great value. Ambras Castle began to host collections of armour, portraits and many other rarities of the late Renaissance thanks to its patron’s passion for art. This structure is widely recognised as one of the first museums in the world and the main rooms, the Chamber of Art and Wonders, the Chamber of Armours and the Antiquarium, still retain the use intended by the Archduke.


The first museum in Europe: Ambras Castle

Among the most precious rooms in Ambras castle is the Spanish Room, a Renaissance pearl decorated with portraits of 27 Tyrolean ruling princes and embellished with a coffered ceiling and finely carved doors, often used as the setting for concerts during the summer season. The Habsburg Portrait Gallery includes more than 200 works signed by some of the most famous painters in the history of art, such as Lukas Cranach, Titian, Van Dyck and Diego Velásquez. Equally fascinating is the building Spa: this wing was dedicated to the care of the body of the wife Philippine Welser, and was also used as a meeting place to spend relaxing moments of socialisation with people in favour of the royal family. The Spa was extremely luxurious for the time: the 1.60-metre deep tub was heated by particular stones capable of giving off heat, in addition to the fact that the water was flavoured with medicinal herbs, to release healing effects in relaxing treatments. Philippine's passion for medicinal herbs is also demonstrated in the wonderful outdoor park that surrounds the structure, a garden full of flowers and plants used by the ruler to help heal the needy.

When to visit the building: opening hours and prices:

Ambras Castle is an unmissable attraction as it is capable of encompassing a wealth of historical, artistic and natural wealth. The sumptuous rooms mean that the building is worth a visit, even on rainy days. The outdoor gardens are a popular destination for lovers of outdoor walks who can observe magnificent animals such as peacocks. Ambras Castle is open all year round, except for the month of November and visiting hours are from 10 to 17 every day of the week. The price of the visit can vary from 12 to 16 euros depending on the period of the year, but is always free for minors.

Fly with Air Dolomiti to Innsbruck, discover the treasures of the Tyrolean city and enjoy a destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories.