The wonderful Swarovski Crystal Worlds

A Swarovski jewellery piece

In the Hall-Wattens region, a few kilometres from Innsbruck, there is a bright and sparkling location, which captivates thousands of visitors every year: Swarovski Crystal Worlds, a jewel museum inaugurated in 1995 on the centenary of the opening of the famous factory. Originally conceived by multimedia artist André Heller, The Kristallwelten Wattens is now enriched with installations by numerous international artists, designers and architects, who exhibit their surprising interpretations of Swarovski crystal within the different environments that make up the complex.

The Swarovski Museum and The Chambers of Wonder

The visit to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds exhibition complex includes three main spaces divided between the Museum, the outdoor garden and the children's play area. The itinerary begins near a hill where the construction of the Giant, a guardian who watches over the entrance to the 17 Chambers of Wonders that make up the setting, can be found. The principle from which these rooms originate refers to the historic chamber of wonders of Ambras Castle, another pearl a few kilometres from Innsbruck: here we wanted to enclose a precious treasure of works to amaze young and old over time. The Blue Room, the first Chamber of Wonders, contains masterpieces such as "The persistence of memory" by Salvador Dalì or the "Gems" by Andy Warhol in an environment capable of transporting the visitor into a dream dimension. Among the other enchanting internal rooms is the Crystal Cathedral, a place often chosen as a stage for important ceremonies because with the 595 mirrors that make up the dome, it feels like you are inside a crystal.


The Gardens of Crystal Worlds

The Swarovski Museum is a place of beauty, inspiration and energy to be experienced in all seasons. During the warmer months, you can take the opportunity to explore the magnificent park of the Swarovski Kristallwelten Wattens, made up of gardens and lawns full of contemporary art, history and entertainment. Among the most fascinating installations is the monumental Cloud made with 800,000 precious items, built by hand, a work that floats on a mirrored basin reflecting the play of light on water. Crystal Worlds are the ideal visit for families with children: the Games Tower offers moments of activity and fun with the different climbing routes, swings and Tibetan bridges. The Swarovski museum in Wattens is open every day of the year from 9.00 to 19.00 with an entrance fee that can vary depending on the age and group of people. Connections with the city are easy, even for those who do not have a car, thanks to a shuttle bus service that runs between Innsbruck - Crystal Worlds several times a day.


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