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Lucca Comics & Games: the biggest comics festival in Italy

Tempted by the idea of spending some fun-filled days in the company of Spiderman, Batman, Darth Vader and the Ninja Turtles? Just head to Lucca Comics & Games this November. Here you can meet your favourite cartoon and game characters in an evocative Tuscan setting and enjoy the many pleasures of the renaissance city of Lucca at the same time.

Held for five days every autumn, Lucca Comics & Games is Europe's biggest international convention of cartoons, comics, animations and games and has been held in Lucca since 1966. 

Lucca Comics & Games 2021 kicks off on October 29th until 1st November. The event is divided into two main sections: Lucca Comics and Lucca Games. Lucca Comics draws a passionate crowd of comic and game aficionados who like nothing more than to become cosplayers by dressing up as their favourite cartoon, manga, games and TV and movie characters. So, don't be surprised to bump into characters from the Hunger Games or Harry Potter during your wanderings. Lucca Games features everything from board games to role-playing to stunning historical re-enactments of medieval games. The effect is even more potent for being held in this ancient city with its 16th-century walls, ramparts and ancient underground chambers that once served as prisons. The event is also packed with exhibitions, shops and displays

Lucca Comics & Games draws hundreds of thousands of cartoon and games buffs but this is no 'clubby' event for insiders. There's something for everyone, and roaming the streets enjoying the spectacle of costumed characters is a unique joy in itself. Plus, of course, it's a photographer's dream.

One of the hidden treasures of Tuscany, Lucca is home to evocative Renaissance-era walls, broad piazzas, grand palaces, ornate churches and cobbled byways; the town is a treasure to explore and enjoy. As the birthplace of opera composer Puccini, it's also the site of musical pilgrimages.
The fact is that Lucca has many charms of its own and getting there is easy. 

If you're travelling from Munich or Frankfurt, book a flight with us for comfortable departures to Florence. From there, Lucca is just an hour's drive away. Alternatively you can fly directly from Munich to Pisa: by car you will need then only 30 minutes to the Comics festival or about 1 hour by public transportation. With this enchanting city so close, you'll never have to wonder what to do in Florence or Pisa.
So, what are you waiting for? Check out our flights to Florence and to Pisa now and plan your visit to this amazing festival!