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Find all our partners and discover the special agreements in place for Air Dolomiti passengers: hotels and associations dedicated to tourism and culture.


Touring Club of Italy

Touring Club of Italy

The Touring Club of Italy is a non-profit Association dedicated to tourism, culture and the environment for the last 120 years. In particular, the Touring Club works to safeguard and promote the artistic, cultural and environmental heritage of Italy, develop and promote travel as a means for cultural growth and stimulate aware and quality tourism.In addition, thanks to the various convention agreements set up by the Touring Club, TCI members can travel intelligently while also saving money.
As of January 2015, Touring Club members will be granted a discount of 20% on the cost of Air Dolomiti flights on the following routes: Munich/Verona, Munich/Venice, Munich/Florence, Munich/Bari, Munich/Bologna.
In order to benefit from the discount, TCI members must call the Air Dolomiti Sales Center (tel. +39 045 2886140) and send a copy of the TCI membership card to the e-mail address indicated during the call.


Touring Club
Allegroitalia: come in and live it up!

Allegroitalia: come in and live it up!

For those who are looking for an unexpected experience, Allegroitalia Hotel & Condo is the right solution! 16 hotels and condotel to choose from, all characterized with: HAPPINESS, ART and LOVE for the Italian fashion brands.

Happiness is what the staff transmits. The watchword is fun because we are convinced that there is nothing that is worth more than a smile!

Art because there is no area where the Italian spirit isn’t synonymous of artistic expression. Here then that every structure is transformed into showcase dedicated to emerging artists.

Love intended as passion for fashion, beauty and Italian taste.

Decide the destination - choosing from Alagna, Bologna, Elba, Laurino Cilento, Milan, Ostuni, Pisa, Rimini, Syracuse, Turin and Viterbo - and immediately book your Allegroitalia Experience!