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Tommasi Winery of the Year 2019

Air Dolomiti and Tommasi Family Estates: every flight becomes a tasting in the sky!

Air Dolomiti and Tommasi Family Estates announce an extraordinary partnership that will benefit passengers throughout the whole of 2019. 
Tommasi will in fact be the airline’s “Official Winery of the Year”, and everyone who flies on Air Dolomiti will – thanks to the on-board Settimocielo service – be able to enjoy three premium wines from the Tommasi Estates, thus engaging travelers in a mini-tasting course of wines from outstanding terroirs
These three featured wines in fact come from three different geographical areas, so as to satisfy the demands of any palate: from Lombardy, the sparkling Caseo Pinot Nero Brut, a brilliant straw-gold with a fine, long-lasting perlage; from Lake Garda, Tommasi’s Le Fornaci Lugana D.O.C., fragrant and fruity, with seductive sensations of tropical fruits; and from Tuscany, the dry Casisano Rosso di Montalcino D.O.C., with its delicate balance between tannins and acidity and fresh, persistent finish.

Tommasi’s is the story of a family that is delineated by its great love for wine and hospitality: a story involving four generations, who have expressed their passion in wine regions of supreme potential and who have made quality their mission.
Tommasi Family Estates is the Tommasi family’s project aimed at making outstanding wines in Italy’s finest production zones. Since 1997, with the entry into the Company of the fourth generation, the Tommasis have gone beyond the boundaries of Valpolicella Classica, selecting premium terroirs in the nation’s most important wine-producing Regions. 
Tommasi represents the history of Valpolicella, and other zones besides. With six wine estates in five Regions of Italy – Tommasi in the Veneto, Caseo in Lombardy, Casisano at Montalcino and Poggio al Tufo in Tuscany’s Maremma district, Surani in Puglia and Paternoster in Basilicata – the Company’s objective is to create great wines by highlighting the distinctive qualities of superlative production areas.

The precise goal of wanting to maintain and enhance the typical characteristics of each terroir has led to the formation of the Tommasi Family Estates Team di Enologists, in order to coordinate all the delicate phases of production, from the vineyard to maturation in the bottle. The aim is to produce wines that reflect their region of origin and succeed in combining tradition with the requirements of a market that is increasingly sensitive and demanding.
Giancarlo Tommasi, the enologist in charge of the Team, has chosen Emiliano Falsini and Fabio Mecca as his colleagues and consultants. Emiliano Falsini has the important task of looking after Casisano, at Montalcino in Tuscany, while Fabio Mecca carries on the tradition of the Paternoster family at Vulture, in Basilicata
Giancarlo Tommasi, apart from his supervisory role, dedicates himself specifically to Amarone, the wine of his roots that has made Tommasi a well-known brand all over the world. Amarone, Brunello and Aglianico: the Trilogy of Emotions.
These are the expressions of three terroirs from the North to the South of Italy, passing through the Center: three wines that celebrate diversity, history, skill and harmony. We have chosen the indigenous varieties and the sites with the characteristics of altitude, exposure and soil composition that are most suitable for each one. And we have defined guidelines and a style, seeking to offer the best possible interpretation of each given region. 


Our hospitality in the air also continues on the ground. All clients who present their Air Dolomiti boarding pass at the Tommasi estates will have the possibility of enjoying an unforgettable experience: a tour and a free tasting from the Tommasi Family Estates selection, as well as a discount on any wine purchased. This offer is valid at the new Welcome Area at our historic headquarters in the Valpolicella Classica zone at Pedemonte near Verona; at Casisano, our estate at Montalcino in the Province of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany; and at Paternoster, the iconic winery of Vulture in Basilicata
You will also be able to benefit from further advantages at Tommasi’s hospitality locations: Villa Quaranta in Valpolicella, the Mazzanti Hotel and Caffè Dante Bistrot in Verona and the Agriturismo Poggio al Tufo at Pitigliano in Tuscany’s Maremma.


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