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On-board chefs

Air Dolomiti has always entertained its passengers with exclusive in-flight events that make the time spent on board unique, and often collaborates with chefs of international renown to create its menus. Let’s explore these together:

Christmas 2016 over the Christmas period - a menu by Veronese chef Giancarlo Perbellini, who boasts two Michelin stars. Our business class passengers had the opportunity to try four recipes conceived by the chef to make the time on board Air Dolomiti truly unique.
Pasta salad with beans, lentils and tomato confit, Risino (a typical small cake from Verona), guinea-fowl salad with Jerusalem artichokes, chestnuts and pomegranate, with trifle tart to finish.
Accompanying the Michelin-starred dishes by Giancarlo Perbellini were options from the world-famous Aneri Winery

January 2016 with Alfio Ghezzi - Chef de Cuisine at the Locanda Margon, Ferrari winery’s Michelin-starred restaurant just outside Trento. For the airline’s 25th anniversary, the chef created four menus designed especially for business class passengers and served at various times throughout the day: apple pie, Mortandela salami, Casolet cheese and hand-crafted Ciocomiti chocolates for breakfast, Carne Salada cured meat on a chick pea and chestnut cream with Ulidea (black olive dressing) for lunch, Ricotta cheesecake with Ferrari Demi-Sec Trentodoc cream at teatime and Preore smoked trout, Russian salad and beetroot for supper.

In 2015 with chef Simone Rugiati - for two weeks, our business class passengers were delighted by a special combination of flavours. Four delicious yet light recipes, ideal for those pleasant breaks over the course of a day; flavours, aromas and traditions, sublime taste experiences at high altitude that make you feel as if you can almost touch the sky. Lemon jam tart with Blu di bufala cheese and strolghino di culatello pork salami for a perfect breakfast; marinated shoulder of suckling pig with herb creamed potatoes and Tuscan crostino (toasted bread with chicken liver); for lunch, ricotta di bufala plum cake with green tomato jam at teatime, and finally guinea-fowl breast glazed in chestnut honey with powdered barley and artichokes ‘alla Romana’ for dinner.