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Press release NO. 683

Air Dolomiti is the first Italian carrier
to renew its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC)
in accordance with the new EU Regulation 965/2012

On 6 June last, Air Dolomiti – the Airline of Lufthansa Group – passed the inspection by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) for assessing compliance with all measures specified by this EU Regulation, and was provided with a new Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC).

This is a very important step for the Airline: by passing the ENAC inspection, in fact, Air Dolomiti is the first Italian carrier to renew its certificate in accordance with the new EU Regulation 965/2012.
This Regulation establishes detailed standards and regulations pertaining to the conditions required for the issuing, observance, change, restriction, suspension and cancellation of Air Operator’s Certificates (AOC), as well as the conditions at which air operations must be carried out, prohibited or limited for safety reasons.

This great result has been achieved well in advance of the mandatory application date for the Regulation (October 2014). The most important new elements introduced by the Regulation include the obligation of the carrier to implement a Safety Management System - SMS within its structure and ensure it is up and running.

This is a major change of great significance within air carrier’s organisations and one which Air Dolomiti started to develop several years ago, introducing it within the airline as early as 2010. The Airline is the first carrier in Italy to have a Safety Management System (SMS) recognised by the Authority.

Over recent months, the improvement process has required great commitment and hard work from Air Dolomiti operating departments. They had to, in fact, thoroughly revise the Airline’s Operations Manual current procedures and regulations, which is now very easy and quick to refer to.