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Air Dolomiti: Stay Connected in the Clouds!

Our Inflight Entertainment system is now available on all Air Dolomiti flights!

Stay connected throughout your flight with Air Dolomiti, part of the Lufthansa Group. Now you can continue reading, listening to music or planning your journey with some useful tips and ideas with our sophisticated new Inflight Entertainment system which allows you to access a whole series of content free of charge!

Passengers can choose from a huge range of materials, including all the major Italian and foreign newspapers, video, mini-games, music and our moving map section, which gives you your flight position in real time, as well updates on our special offers and those of our partners and inflight events. All in three languages: Italian, English and German.

Every aircraft now has two transmitting pads which amplify our Wi-Fi signal to cover the whole cabin. The service is free of charge and available to all passengers. All you have to do is put your device (smart phone, tablet, laptop) in aeroplane mode before take-off and then access the Wi-Fi option in your settings through the user-friendly Air Dolomiti interface. Access is rapid and simple and does not require you to download an app.

This innovative new service comes after the recent introduction of our eJournals, newspapers and magazines made available in digital format. Air Dolomiti has now taken its digital services to the next level, in line with our commitment to change and new technologies offering a range of inflight entertainment.