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Pregnant women and unaccompanied children

    • Use of child restraint systems on board

      The child restraint systems are not available on board, but parents can bring his own car seats or baby baskets on board for their children.
      Infants under two years of age can travel on the lap of an accompanying adult, but can also travel on a separate seat. In this case, the child must be secured by a child restraint system that the adult must bring on board with them, which is his property and therefore also his responsibility.
      By taking your own child restraint system on board you confirm that you are aware of the following airline’s general rules:
      • the child restraint system is an approved product, otherwise there is no guarantee that you will be able to use it on board 
      • the child restraint system is in perfect working order
      • you are familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions for the system’s use and fitting in an aircraft and you can attach the child restraint system to the passenger seat on your own (our flight attendants will not be able to help you)
      • you have agreed that the child restraint system must be checked in as hold baggage if it cannot be fitted properly to the passenger seat. In this case, the baby (under 2 years) must sit on an adult’s lap throughout the flight despite the purchased seat.
      • you are aware that the child restraint system must not impede other passengers in the event of a possible emergency evacuation: therefore seating at the exit rows or one row in front or behind the exit row is not permitted; moreover we recommend that you choose a window seat for the child using the child restraint system
    • Flying when pregnant

      Flying is problem-free for women with uncomplicated pregnancies. All the same, we recommend pregnant women check in advance with their doctor about flying.

      Until the end of the 36th week of pregnancy or up to 4 weeks before the due date, pregnant women with complication-free pregnancies can fly Air Dolomiti without a medical certificate.

      From the 28th week of pregnancy, however, we recommend bringing a recent medical certificate containing: 
      •    confirmation that the pregnancy is complication-free
      •    the expected due date
      •    the doctor must expressly state the patient’s pregnancy does not prevent her flying

      In the event of twins or multiple pregnancies it is possible to fly until the end of the 28th week.


    • Unaccompanied children

      ** Updated information **

      Until further notice, no new UMNR booking requests may be accepted on connecting flights with stopover at Munich or Frankfurt hubs (for example Verona-Frankfurt-London).
      Currently special service for unaccompanied children can only be booked on point to point flights to Munich and Frankfurt (for example on Verona-Frankfurt flight).


      Children who have reached 5 but not 12 years need not to be handled as UMNR if accompanied by a passenger of 12 years and older (for doubts, please verify with our Sales Center).

      For Italian minors departing from Italian airports, flying abroad: minors aged between 5 and 13 years can only fly unescorted if they use the compulsory special service for unaccompanied children (UMNR service) or travel with a passenger aged at least 14 (if you have any questions, please contact our Sales Center).
      The UMNR service is not compulsory but optional for all minors between the ages of 12 (14 for Italian minors) and 17. 
      All minors with Italian citizenship who use the UMNR service must be in possession of a "Dichiarazione di Affido" (delegation) entrusting them to the airline. This document must be requested from an Italian police station (not available from the airport police office); if the minor lives outside Italy, the document can be issued by an Italian embassy or consulate.

      The delegation is not required for flights within Italy (for example charter flights Verona-Cagliari). In this case, the special service for unaccompanied children (UMNR) is compulsory for all the minors up to 12 years.

      In accordance with the current ENAC regulations, the seat assignment of minors (2 - 12 years old) and of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility (PRM) next to their parents and/or accompanying persons, is not subject to any additional charge with respect to the cost of the airline ticket. 
      Please contact our Call Centre for seat assignment and/or further information.
      Call +39 0452886140

      To apply for the UMNR service, please contact our Sales Center or the travel agency that made the reservation, providing the full details of the person accompanying the minor to the airport on departure and the person who will be waiting at the airport on arrival (name, surname, address, telephone number, degree of kinship).

      Once on board, unaccompanied minors will be seated where the crew’s instructions can be seen and heard for the entire duration of the flight. 

      The special service for unaccompanied children (UMNR) has an additional charge, that applies per route and per child (even in the case of siblings travelling together):

      Flights within Italy and Europe € 85,00

      The outbound and return flights are counted as two separate flights.

      Please note that other airlines' regulations for unaccompanied children can be different: if your planned journey includes flights operated by airlines other than Air Dolomiti, please verify directly with the respective airline about the rules applied for children travelling alone.

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