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Garda Trentino: relax, sport and the wonderful Lake Garda

For a holiday to be different from the other, the Garda Trentino offers a perfect combination of sport and wellbeing, fine food, wine and culture, to regenerate body and mind without forgetting the pleasures of relaxation. But the true spectacle is nature itself: the blue of the lake with its long beaches of white pebbles, the green expanses crowned by encircling mountains.

Nature and sport: an outdoor training ground. Midway between the mountains and the lake, Garda Trentino offers natural amenities of the highest order for all kinds of outdoor sports and is known in Europe as a prime destination for active holidays year round thanks to the mildness of its climate.
From sailing to mountain biking, windsurfing, climbing, canyoning, trekking, the Upper Garda offers myriad opportunities for a healthy active lifestyle.

A tradition of excellence in food and wine. The finer flavours of the lake and the more robust flavours of the mountains come together in the traditional recipes of Garda Trentino, where the main ingredients are fresh water fish, carne salada, the broccoli of Torbole, a Slow Food presidium, the plums of Dro (DOP), the sweet chestnuts of Drena, Campi and Nago, to name but a few. Garda Trentino DOP extra virgin olive oil and our excellent range of wines bring out the flavours of local specialities and, last but not least, apple strudel and fruit cake are the perfect accompaniment to Vino Santo, a Slow Food presidium, produced with our own local Nosiola grapes.

Wellbeing and entertainment for all the family: Wellness is real culture in Garda Trentino. There is sport, culture, shopping and wellness to fill the days, in the evenings the visitor can enjoy the restaurants, “trattorias”, traditional pubs and lounge bars or the wide range of events for young and old which take place all year round in different parts of the area.



Carne Salada, the pride of Garda Trentino gastronomy, will put itself on display among the local specialties: a rich variety ranging from Lake Garda extra virgin olive oil to Torbole broccoli, from lake fish to Val di Gresta vegetables, from plums to chestnuts, from beers to wines, from coffee to sweets.
Producers, restaurateurs & chefs will join together to illustrate the typical cuisine of a magical place, its romantic lake with beautiful mountains in the background.
A three-day full immersion into tradition & innovation to enjoy food & wine excellencies from Lake Garda and Trentino Region.
November 3-5, 10.00 am - 12.00 pm