Theme parks in and around Verona

Verona and its surrounding area offer plenty of entertainment for young and old alike. 
The southern part of Lake Garda is sometimes dubbed the "theme park district" thanks to its many entertainment parks offering a chance of escapism.

The most famous theme park in Italy is undoubtedly Gardaland – offering more than 30 attractions and all kinds of spectacles and activities, such as the spectacular world of dolphins. 
Gardaland Sea Life is also very close by, a full-scale aquarium with 37 tanks home to the finest creatures inhabiting the waters of the entire planet.

Discover wildlife at the Viva Nature Park, a safari zoo comprising 3 parks accessed via a single admission ticket. Drive or walk around the parks to discover about 300 different animal species from all 5 continents and many examples of local fauna.

Film buffs – especially action movie lovers – should not miss a visit to Movieland Studios. You will be greeted at the entrance by none other than Rambo and a shoot-out; waterfalls, earthquakes, volcanoes about to erupt, a submarine to guide out of the abyss: a challenging, but thoroughly stimulating day in the spotlights.

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