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Art touches the skies thanks to Air Dolomiti and Serafino Rudari

“Reaching Out” is the title of the artist’s oeuvre on the Embraer 195
celebrating Air Dolomiti’s silver anniversary 

Italian-based Air Dolomiti, part of the Lufthansa group, celebrates its 25th birthday with art work by artist and painter Serafino Rudari from Verona. Art and the skies join hands to celebrate a success achieved through our founding company values of principled management and perseverance.   

To celebrate its silver anniversary milestone, Air Dolomiti adds the artwork “Reaching Out” to the livery of its iconic Embraer 195 (IADJS). Serafino Rudari found inspiration in the theme of meetings, with two hands stretched out towards each other and a logo symbolising this 25th anniversary. 

A meeting is a moment when you reach out to someone else, when you approach each other, the first step to getting to know another person. You reach out to compare, to make contact, or perhaps quite simply as a basic ritual of acknowledgement. These hands symbolise meetings, reaching out to an idea, almost, but not quite, touching it. What I want to do here is reinforce this concept of meeting, I would like it to embody the tale of an idea that evolved into a journey over 25 years, with all its values, achievements and ideals. We can be whatever we want to be, as long as we manage to communicate that identity with passion and perseverance” explains Serafino Rudari.

These are the values that have always underpinned this airline, and over the last 25 years they have succeeded in communicating a business model that instilled not only its own staff with a passionate belief in its principles, but also its passengers and all those who believed in its potential, smoothing the path of even its most ambitious projects.

Art has always been part of Air Dolomiti, and in its 25 years of activity our airline has consistently promoted art through dedicated events and by naming our aircraft after famous operas. The idea of painting a whole plane was first mooted about a year ago, at the time it was just a casual suggestion, and now I’m delighted it has taken shape and been transformed into a reality. This is a very special year for us, an important milestone, and I’m proud to celebrate it through art, especially with an artist who shares our own principles” comments Joerg Eberhart, President & CEO of Air Dolomiti.

Serafino Rudari is an eclectic artist and painter from Verona who has worked with Air Dolomiti for a number of years. Born into a family where art was an integral part of life, characterised by a lively intellectual curiosity, his interests include music, design and synergies among the arts. His research has taken him on journeys of the senses around the world; from Europe’s capitals to America and the Arab Emirates.