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Baggage loss

Should your baggage be misplaced report its loss to the airport Lost & Found Office on arrival. The staff will open a baggage irregularity file. You will be given a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), and you may check for any updates about the tracing of your baggage using its reference number (ex. VRN EN XXXXX) - please click here to check the status of your misplaced bag:

Online luggage search

In case you should not receive your baggage within three days, please kindly contact our Customer Relations Department and submit the content list. We kindly ask to fill in a content list for each missing bag.

In case you should have received your baggage damaged/pilfered, please notify the damage writing to our Customer Relations Department within 7 days from the date you received it.

For further information or application for compensation please contact our Customer Relations Office over the following link: Form

Airline liability for loss, delay or damage to checked baggage is limited and based on the Montreal Convention.
Air Dolomiti is not liable for the following kind of articles: perishables, fragile or highly sensitive articles (computer or electronic items), money, jewels, personal documents.



The Airline's liability is regulated by law. Nonetheless, we recommend taking out insurance on your luggage.

Montreal Convention
Liability for damage, destruction, total or partial loss and delayed delivery of luggage is limited to 1,131 special drawing rights per journey and per passenger. The special drawing right (SDR) is the unit of account of the International Monetary Fund (IMF); 1,131 SDRs currently correspond to about €1,294.88 (sum subject to currency fluctuations).

Terms for presentation of complaint
Lost or damaged luggage should be reported directly in the airport. A complaint can be made in writing at any time, subject to the terms provided for by law for the presentation of complaints, but in this case the burden of proof lies with the passenger, who consequently has to prove that the damage occurred during air transport.

The terms for presenting a complaint are as follows:
• Damage and partial loss of luggage: within seven days of consignment of luggage
• Compensation for delayed return: within 21 days of delivery of luggage

Dates are as postmark or date of receipt for faxes and e-mails.