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Valentino Park of Turin: guide and tips for your visit

Turin is full of attractions, from the city's thriving Film Festival to the Egyptian Museum, but none are as romantic and relaxing as the Valentino Park of Turin (also known as the Parco Valentino).

Located next to the River Po, the park is Turin's largest green space, but it's really much more than a conventional park. For years, it was used as Italy's premier motor racing circuit, and before that it was the seat of the Royal House of Savoy. It all adds up to one of Turin's most enjoyable attractions.

When you visit the Parco Valentino, make sure you leave enough time to see everything the Valentino Castle (Castello del Valentino) has to offer. As a UNESCO-listed palace, this is a place well worth touring. The Castello offers wonderful frescoes and paintings as well luxurious interiors which will delight all who visit it. 

The ground outside the Castello also must be seen. Next to the palace, you'll find the Botanical Gardens. Founded in the early 18th century, the greenhouses and flower gardens are romantic, elegant and beautiful. Few places in Turin can match their romantic atmosphere.

Elsewhere in the Valentino Park of Turin, you can visit the enchanting Borgo Medioevale. Not actually, a medieval village, the Borgo was built in 1884 for an international exhibition. Since then, it has become one of the favourite places for the Torinese to visit as well as a fascinating lesson in Italian history.

After seeing the castles of the Borgo and stocking up on souvenirs from its artisan workshops, why not take a stroll through the rest of the park? Its shady walkways are a wonderful place to unwind and contain some surprising highlights, like the bench dedicated to motor racing pioneer Enzo Ferrari.

Torino Esposizioni is located on the southern edge of the park, and regularly hosts business and cultural fairs. Whether you are in town for an expo or a food festival at the Castle, be sure to explore the rest of the grounds.

All cities need green spaces to act as a refuge from the noise and stress of the city centre, and Turin is no exception. The Parco Valentino is a beautiful attraction that is close to the centre of town, full of beautiful buildings, gardens and quirky historical sights. If you are wondering what to do in Turin, it's a fantastic place to visit.