Turin by night:

explore the most fascinating glimpses of the city

Panoramic view of Turin at sunset

As one of Italy's liveliest cultural centres, wondering what to do in Turin after dark won't be an issue if you're heading there for your holiday.


All visitors should stop off at some of the city's famous aperitivo bars. Turin is the home of global brands like Martini and Cinzano, and the locals like nothing more than a cocktail to round off their week. These bars are often elegant sights in themselves, with sumptuous architecture and a timeless atmosphere. You'll find the best places for an aperitivo around the Piazza San Carlo or Piazza Castello.


Another way to while away an evening in Turin is taking a stroll along the River Po. If the evening is pleasant, you can head to Valentino Park, with its shady pathways and peaceful feel. When the night-time arrives, taking a boat trip on the Navebus river taxi is a fantastic way to see the lights of central Turin by night.


Back on dry land, part of your evening has to involve sampling some of Turin's culinary delights. This is a major food centre and the list of delicacies goes on and on. Mix appetisers like Tomini (cheeses with chilli), heart risottos, a bollito misto stew or a pot full of nourishing bagna cauda (a vegetable sauce with bread for dipping).


If you are wondering what to do in Turin after your meal, there are plenty of options. You could book tickets at the Teatro Regio and see the city's prestigious opera company performThe Cinema Museum is a great place to see art house classics, while during the football season there may be an evening fixture featuring Torino or Juventus.


If you want to stick to the outdoors, another way to spend a magical evening in Turin is to book a place on a walking tour. In fact, there are actually walking tours showcasing the city's "magical" past, dealing with Roman ghosts and gargoyles on the walls of churches.


Then again, if you have stuffed yourself at one of the city's restaurants and you just want to relax, Turin is a great place to be. Head down to the Piazza Bodoni where local people gather to talk and enjoy the sunset. It's a great way to sample some authentic Turinese street life.


Seeing Turin by night is an unforgettable experience. Whether you adore high culture, cocktails, romantic boat rides or spooky tours, Turin is a wonderful place to explore after dark.

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