Typical Silesian dishes to eat in Katowice

Kluski śląskie, probably the best known and most appreciated Silesian dish

A trip to Katowice is a wonderful opportunity not only to visit the city's attractions but also to taste the typical dishes of Silesian and Polish cuisine, a treasure trove of flavours that deserves to be known and appreciated. Silesian cuisine is full of traditional recipes and interesting reinterpretations offered by young and enterprising chefs who seek inspiration in the regional culinary heritage. Characterised by external influences, above all German and Czech, the typical cuisine of Silesia has its strong point in the dishes with a rural and mountain influence. Here are some essential proposals to satisfy your palate.

Typical dishes of Katowice

Anyone traveling to Katowice cannot fail to taste Kluski śląskie, probably the best known and most appreciated Silesian dish. These are round and slightly flattened potato gnocchi seasoned with butter, bacon, onion, apple. Often served as a side dish, on Polish tables they accompany meat stews and stews, especially beef, savoy cabbage and delicious sauces. Traditionally served on Sundays, Kluski śląskie was appreciated by miners for its calorific content.

Among the typical dishes of Silesia, the Wodzionka Soup cannot go amiss, a really tasty traditional dish based on stale bread, lard and garlic, typical in peasant culture. The whole region offers many soups, tasty recipes made with ingredients present in all homes: the spectrum of flavours in many variations is enriched by the presence of bay leaf, salt, pepper and other spices, as well as bacon.

For those who love to taste simple and traditional dishes while sipping a good beer - in Poland there are several very good ones - there is nothing better than Kiełbasa śląska, a traditional Silesian sausage. It is smoked pork that is prepared either boiled or grilled. Kiełbasa śląska is often homemade and flavoured with salt, pepper and spices such as coriander, following the example of recipes handed down through the generations.

Finally, a trip to Katowice is an opportunity to taste the famous pierogi: although not originating only from Silesia, these filled ravioli contain the essence of Polish gastronomy. In Katowice they can be enjoyed in numerous variations with meat, fish or vegetable fillings, ingredients capable of satisfying the tastes and needs of a large number of enthusiasts. An example in this sense is the version of sweet pierogi, filled with fruit and pastry sauces, a delicacy for those with a sweet tooth.

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