Silesian Museum in Katowice

Complex of the Silesian Museum in Katowice, Poland

If you are planning your trip to Katowice and you are looking for ideas for your stay in the city, you must not miss a visit to the Silesian Museum: it is a complex of buildings built on the site of the 'former mine, a synthesis between past and present, a perfect combination between the identity of the region and its projection into the future, thanks to the avant-garde architectural solutions adopted.


The history

The museum was founded in 1929 by the regional parliament and in the inter-war period it became one of the largest and most important in Poland. The current location is part of a large urban project that saw the creation of the Culture Zone, a large area not far from the historic centre of the city, a unique place not only in Poland, but throughout Europe where you can find the Silesian Museum, the buildings of the Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra, the International Congress Centre and Spodek Arena. The halls of the structure are developed underground, up to 14 meters below the surface level, a solution which has made it possible to respect the local post-industrial landscape and the memory of the place and to favour the creation of large outdoor equipped areas. Only the pavilions of the administrative buildings and the main foyer are visible from the outside, as well as the futuristic glass structures that allow the underground exhibitions to be illuminated.

What to do at the Silesian Museum

The Silesian Museum houses important historical and artistic testimonies of the region and includes a collection of thousands of exhibits, from works of art to archival documents. With a single ticket, you can access a path that embraces the development of the region from its origins to the present day: ample prominence is given to the testimonies concerning life in the mine, but there is also an important exhibition of sacred works of art, while the ethnographic section recounts the traditions and lifestyle of the Silesians. There are also numerous temporary exhibitions, especially of contemporary artists and open-air activities, such as film screenings and music festivals.

Opening hours and tickets

The Silesian Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 20. Those wishing to travel to the facility by car can count on an above-ground car and bus park and an underground one on 3 levels which can hold up to 220 cars. There are numerous types of tickets that can be purchased: the one that allows access to all temporary and permanent exhibitions costs 24 PLN (just under 6 euros), but it is also possible to buy admission only for temporary ones at a cost of 14 GNP, about 3 euros. There are discounted rates for minors and groups and by contacting the administration you can book a guided tour. The area also includes the famous Warszawa II tower, symbol of mining Katowice and today an important monument of industrial archaeology. The ticket to climb the tower and enjoy a suggestive overview of the city costs between 5 and 7 PNL but access is regulated based on weather conditions.


Katowice awaits you with Air Dolomiti flights: visit the Silesian Museum to travel through centuries of history, culture, art and traditions of a unique region.

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