San Domenico Museums

The complex of the museums of San Domenico di Forlì consists of the Pasquali palace, two convents of Dominicans and Augustinians, the Church of San Giacomo Apostolo and the Santa Caterina room.

The church of San Giacomo, the smallest existing, dates back to the Middle Ages, and is made up of a first adjacent cloister and a second one that opens on one side.
During the Renaissance, a series of works were carried out which allowed the structure to be enlarged by lengthening the hall, and to advance the facade by inserting new chapels. Today we can see the church in the San Domenico museum complex with the aspect resulting from the renovation completed in 1704.

The church was expropriated in the Napoleonic period and was used for military purposes, only to be definitively acquired by the state patrimony in 1866-67. From those years began a period of decay that led to the collapse of the roof and the southern façade, recovered through a restoration project started with methods of applying conservation criteria, restoration and insertion of new elements, which have brought signs of novelty. These works followed the idea of creating a space that would maintain its history, adding modern elements that are useful for making it a museum with a contemporary character.

The pictorial decoration of the refectory, fully restored today, sees on the north-east wall a fresco showing three scenes and divided by architectural elements: on the center you can observe the Crucifixion with the presence of the Madonna, Mary Magdalene and San Giovanni Evangelista with its patron. In the side scenes, on the other hand, we find on the left the apparition of St. Peter and Paul when they hand over the staff and the Gospel to St. Dominic, on the right the resurrection of the young Napoleon Orsini. In the southwestern part, another mural can be seen showing a tripartite architecture related to the miracle of the loaves, a miraculous event in the life of St. Dominic.

The museum complex of San Domenico is the venue for diverse temporary exhibitions that can be visited following an expository itinerary divided between the rooms in the ground floor and the first floor. Inside it is possible to observe the Civic Art Gallery of Forlì.
So, if you are an art lover, we kindly recommend you a visit to this unmissable museum complex: be amazed by its various exhibitions and its picture gallery in a trip dedicated to art and culture.

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