Discovering Bartolacci

Staying in Forlì means immersing yourself in a gastronomic tradition with an ancient history made up of recipes made with “cheap” ingredients, the only ones available in the past, but which were used in exceptional dishes. Today we have the opportunity to taste a great variety of typical products: dishes that delight the palate with authentic proposals from a land rich in flavors, and which belong to the history and cultural identity of Romagna.

When traveling to Forlì, among the many typical dishes of the area, you can not miss the Bartolaccio, a tart, also known as "Bartlaz" in the Romagna dialect, the gastronomic symbol of the municipality of Tredozio, a town in the province of Forlì, located in the Tramazzo valley and in the High Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines, along the ridge that divides the regions of Romagna and Tuscany. This small village contains a very deep-rooted tradition, and gives life to this delicious gastronomic specialty, rich in fragrance, with the shape of a crescent moon. The very abundant filling is placed inside a thin and delicate pastry, and is made up of mashed yellow potato, pork belly, seasoned Grana cheese, salt and pepper. Traditionally, this specialty from the province of Forlì is cooked on a very hot plate, turning it frequently. Originally, the recipe involved hand processing and the addition of leavening was not contemplated, as the right rest and the environment in which they were produced created the optimal conditions for obtaining a ready-to-use shortcrust pastry. A great companion for a glass of excellent Sangiovese wine from the Tramazzo-Marzeno valley.

Every year, the first two Sundays of November, the Bartolaccio Festival is organized, an event that brings together the whole town that awakens with the aroma of this product, in which you can also taste a polenta seasoned with leeks and beans or with wild boar sauce, also known as “paciàrela”. A moment of celebration and cordiality that gives the opportunity to discover historical places and ancient flavors, such as chestnuts from the forests around Forlì, from where traditional recipes for desserts and cakes or the more classic roasted chestnuts come from.

Book a flight to Forlì and get ready to enter the Romagna atmosphere, rich in history and scents of centuries-old cuisine.

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