Thermae in Castrocaro

If you are planning a trip to Forlì, you could program a relaxing visit to the Castrocaro’s Thermal Baths, an ancient spa town located 15 km from the city, which can be reached in a 20 minutes car ride or by train.

The history of Castrocaro’s mineral waters and their beneficial properties begins in the early nineteenth century and since that time they have been used by thermal baths to guarantee health and well-being to their visitors, constantly updating practices, techniques and treatments to always offer an unparalleled service. Their first use for therapeutic purposes took place in 1838, by Dr. Corrado Taddei De Gravina, subsequently, the importance of these waters in the medical-health field spread rapidly. In 1844 a first small spa was built, followed by the discovery of new sulphurous water wells and the beginning of naturally matured mud production in early twentieth century. From then on, the State Thermal Establishment was inaugurated and the Italian Health Group entered the management of the Spa, with an integrated network of high specialty hospitals in Italy and abroad. This expansion made it possible to undertake scientific research and the production of biomedical equipment.

Today the Castrocaro’s baths are a specialized complex for guaranteeing well-being and specific treatments, including a SPA, medical clinic and an advanced rehabilitation center. The waters and clays of the area used in these spas are an excellence of the hydrogeological field, used for therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes, but also for preventive purposes as well as in more traditional treatments. These sulphurous and salsobromoiodic waters arrive at the spa, from the Bolga hills and the Fonti del Parco, and are used for their extraordinary ability to modify organic tissues with specific biological effects, such as important anti-inflammatory and anti-catarrhal effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. These waters are used to obtain the muds to be applied in thermal treatments.

If you book a flight to Forli and visit the baths (the airport is only 15 km far from the thermal baths of Castrocaro), you will find yourself in a piece of paradise where you can receive so many treatments and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation for body and mind.

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