Visit to the St. Francis Complex in Cuneo

Classified as a monument of national interest, the Complex of San Francesco in Cuneo is a precious architectural testimony of the medieval city, an attraction not to be missed during a holiday in Piedmont.

Residence of Franciscan friars since the thirteenth century, the complex soon became a point of reference for the citizens of Cuneo, to the point that local noble families of the time contributed to embellish it and expand the structure by conferring substantial donations. 
After the Napoleonic invasion, the Monumental Complex of Cuneo, including the Church and Convent, was used as military barracks and, from 1980 onwards, the entire structure was used as a venue for cultural activities.

Spanning multiple styles, from Romanesque to Gothic, the monument houses in its evocative setting the famous Civic Museum of Cuneo, where you can admire interesting pre-protohistoric, Roman and medieval findings, as well as an ethnographic section with instruments and clothes characteristic of the Alpine valleys near Cuneo.
The specialist library inside can not be missed, it contains cultural updates: and you can find valuable photographic, cartographic and topographical archives, such as the famous Fondo Vacchetta.

The interior of the Church of the Monumental Complex of San Francesco features splendid decorations that tell the story of the Passion, some of them rediscovered with the most recent restorations.
These are the famous frescoes by Pietro da Saluzzo, dating back to the fifteenth century, and also fourteenth-century masterpieces by the Maestro dei Meinardi, depicting the Madonna and Child.
If you look up at the ceiling of the "Cruciata", the figures of Saint Francis and Saint Bartholomew are depicted near the second chapel, towards the nave you can find the figures of Saint Micheal and a holy bishop.

The Monumental Complex of Saint Francis can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 15.30 to 18.30. It is located in via Santa Maria and is easily accessible by public transport.
Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the historical and cultural heritage preserved in Saint Francis Complex, easily reachable with Air Dolomiti’s flights to Cuneo!

Ph. Credits: Roberto Croci
in collaboration with Archivio ATL Cuneese

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