Discovering Stroppia Waterfalls near Cuneo

Among the things to do when visiting the city of Cuneo, a day dedicated to trekking can not be left aside. The upper Valle Maira offers a wonderful natural setting, and in particular the breathtaking view of the highest water jump in Italy: the Stroppia Falls.
In Chiappera in the province of Cuneo, the walk to the Stroppia Falls is a three and a half hours round trip from the Rifugio Campo Base, which is at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea. The path is suitable for experienced hikers as well as for beginners, and there is no age limit. It goes up the rocky bastion where the rapids flow, reaching their source, Lake Niera, a mirror of water at 2302 meters of altitude.

The symbol of the Valley, 500 meters tall, are the Stroppia Falls, which can boast the primacy of the italian peninsula and offer visitors an unforgettable show. It is an engaging experience for adults and so much fun for children, who are thrilled by water present throughout the way.

To get the most out of the trip, it is essential to choose the right season for trekking to the Stroppia Falls. These waterways, are also known as "the disappearing waterfalls", since the lake from which they fall is filled by the melting of ice and snowfields of the homonymous Vallonasso di Stroppia. The cascade is clearly visible in spring thaw period, which reaches its peak in May. During the summer, however, due to the scarcity of water in the upper valley, they dry up completely.

After admiring the Stroppia Falls, we recommend visiting the small village of Chiappera, the last inhabited town in the area, a delightful village nestled at the foot of the Maira Valley where time seems to have stopped. Here you can rest and refresh yourself before returning to the city, fully enjoying the characteristic atmosphere and hospitality of the Occitan Alps.

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