Local specialities: Friggione

In addition to the egg pasta specialities, Bologna's cuisine also features simple recipes, based on humble ingredients. One is friggione, also known as Frizòn, a traditional dish made from white onions and tomato.

The recipe dates back to 1886 and originated in the farming villages around the city. A peasant dish using humble ingredients but combining flavours to create a very interesting dish.

It is basically a soup, prepared by marinating white onions in salt and sugar and cooking them for a long time in a base of lard and little tomato. An unusual dish for this region, dominated as it is by pasta, salamis and meat.

It is a perfect accompaniment to boiled meat, kebabs, or sausage. Excellent also with bread and polenta crostini.

The Accademia Italiana della Cucina registered the recipe for Friggione with the Chamber of Commerce in Bologna in 2004, as it had already done for tortellini and tagliatelle.

Because it is a very old recipe, some changes have been made over the years, first and foremost the use of olive oil in place of lard to bring it closer in line with contemporary tastes. 

In typical restaurants in the city it is, however, still possible to find the original dish. Don't miss the opportunity to try it.

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