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Fico Eataly World in Bologna: the agri-food park that embodies the wonders of Italian biodiversity

November 15th, 2017 is an important date in Bologna's diary. It's the opening day of an exciting new food concept, Fico Eataly World. Eataly World is set to put Bologna in the global limelight, as this 'foodie theme park' will be the largest agri-food park in the world. Following on from the success of Eataly markets in Dubai, New York, and Boston, Fico Eataly World is going to be a showcase for the sheer diversity of Italian produce. It's about more than just dining out, however - it aims to cover the whole culinary landscape of Italy.

When you're planning what to do in Bologna, be sure to set aside a whole day for your visit. The park covers more than 20 acres and includes 40 farming factories, where you can watch typical Italian produce, such as meat, cheese, and pasta, being processed and readied for eating. This fascinating concept shows the journey Italian food takes from the farm to your table. When these factory tours have whetted your appetite, then you'll discover a choice of over 40 restaurants and refreshment kiosks

Every day, you can book cooking classes and workshops, while businesses will find it an excellent venue for meetings and conferences. Before you leave the park, shop for all of your favourite ingredients, get ready to try out new products in exciting Italian recipes, or take the opportunity to send food gifts to friends and family around the globe. Younger family members are not forgotten either. This 'Disney World' of food has six themed educational rides

Entrance to this exciting park is free of charge, and, to make sure you don't miss any exciting exhibits or events, you can even explore by bicycle. Don't worry if you're not sure about something - dedicated Fico Biodiversity Ambassadors are always on hand to answer any queries or point you in the right direction. You can directly reach the park from the Bologna airport via taxi. Or, alternatively, you can take the airport shuttle to the railway station. The agri-park is an easy bus ride, guaranteed by a dedicated bus service, from the Bologna Central Railway Station. If you're departing from Munich, check our flights to Bologna now and plan a visit to this amazing new park!