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What to do in Ostuni? Discover La Ghironda Summer Festival

If you are wondering what to do in Ostuni, why not book tickets for La Ghironda Summer Festival 2018? This year, the event runs between 20 and 22 July in Villanova di Ostuni and is sure to offer a dizzying variety of acts.

Ostuni's historic centre is one of Puglia's true gems. Also known as the "White City" due to its whitewashed architecture, it is a breath-taking maze of archways, staircases, courtyards and streets with gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea, which is just a couple of miles away. And, capping it all off, the city is crowned by a pink stone cathedral with an intricate rose window and numerous interior artworks.

The Ghironda Festival takes place over two event-packed summer days, with Ostuni providing a stunning backdrop. Started in 1995, the festival sets out to create a meeting place for different musical traditions. Its ambitions were global from the start, and despite slim resources at first, the event grew rapidly.It also helped to promote Puglia in general. Part of the project was to boost tourist numbers and to show off the region's cultural resources. It has succeeded admirably, and visitors wondering what to do in Bari, Brindisi, or even Lecce often make Ostuni a stop in their holiday schedules.

Since its beginnings, La Ghironda has hosted major names like Earth, Wind and Fire, Angelique Kidjo, Billy Cobham and Lura, as well as hundreds and hundreds of folk and dance artists from almost every nation in the world.

The festival is characterised by one word: diversity. When you visit La Ghironda, expect to see everything from acrobats and jugglers to one man bands, huge folk ensembles, conceptual dancers, jazz musicians and African kora artists to puppetry shows. And expect to see fusions of different art forms. After all, the whole point of the event is to bring cultures and art forms together, and the results are incredible.
Last year's edition brought together Italian, English, Ghanaian, Japanese, Haitian, Chadian, Mexican, Malian, Brazilian and Indian artists in a celebration of humanity's musical genius. This year will be no different and in August there will be more special events in Otranto and Martina Franca.

Imagine losing yourself in the rhythm of Latin or African bands, dancing through Ostuni's gorgeous squares and sharing the cultural riches of the world in one of Italy's most beautiful cities.
When you fly to Bari with Air Dolomiti, the La Ghironda Summer Festival is just a short drive away, so book your tickets now!