Saint Clemens Cathedral in Aarhus

Dedicated to Saint Clement, heavenly protector of sailors, Aarhus Cathedral is the most important religious building in the Danish city. Built in the early 13th century and remodeled in the 15th century in Gothic style, Aarhus Cathedral is located in the main square of the old town, called Store Torv, right by the harbor. This incredible architecture holds several records: with its 93 meters in length and 96 in height, it is in fact the tallest church in Denmark, reaching a capacity of about 1200 people. It is also the sacred building with the largest number of frescoes and has the largest organ and the highest tower in the country.

Aarhus Cathedral is the fruit of 400 years of construction. It was born first as a Roman Basilica, and then became the seat of the Protestant cult starting from the 16th century. The church we see today is the result of a magnificent reconstruction in Gothic style that preserves the typical red bricks, a material that was used for the first time in Denmark around 1160. There are many treasures preserved inside: the choir, with 13 pointed arched windows that project light into the church, the medieval altarpiece and the large chapel that opens in the southern wing and which gives us an idea of how the 13th century Romanesque basilica looked. Last but not least, it houses spectacular frescoes. Many have been lost in time, but despite this, Aarhus Cathedral is the church in Denmark with the largest total area of depictions. The largest is 220 squared meters and represents Kristoforus and Clemens.

The monument can be visited every day, except Sundays and holidays. Booking is required for group visits. Buy a plane ticket to Denmark with Air Dolomiti and discover the wonders of this incredible Danish city. Check out our offers and flights to Aarhus, we hope to see you soon on board!