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Flying in times of the coronavirus pandemic

We want to make sure that your stay on board is as pleasant and safe as possible, even in these special times. For this reason we have taken precautionary measures, in coordination with the health authorities, to best protect both passengers and our employees, both on the ground and on board of our flights. Below you can find some useful information to help you planning your trips.



Before your flight

Before you start your travel, please make yourself familiar with the country specific requirements along your journey and observe the regulations at the departure and destination airports: for example it is compulsory at many airports to wear a face mask.
For Germany you will find all information on the Entry & Residence pages of the Federal Foreign Office website.
We kindly invite you to check-in for your flight on our website or with the Lufthansa app.


Changes in hand baggage rules
From 26 June, passengers are only permitted to bring on board small items that can be placed under their seat.

We have adapted our baggage regulations for you so that every piece of hand luggage that complies with the rules can now be checked in free of charge – even if you have booked a Light fare. Please deliver your handbag at the check-in counter.


At the airport

All dedicated staff will check that there is no crowding, that social distancing is complied with and that all passengers adhere to the health regulations.
Dedicated signs and/or announcements will be implemented to manage flows and ensure social distancing.
We ask you to wear a protective mask covering your nose and mouth from the moment you arrive at the airport and during all procedures at the airport, such as check in, security checks, boarding, disembarking and baggage claim.
In certain airports, you may have your body temperature measured before departure and, if your temperature is higher than that required by the regulations (37.5° C), you may be prohibited from departing.
The temperature measurement is also required at the final destination airport in Italy and may also be carried out through a thermal scanner.
Passengers who do not comply with the health rules imposed by the competent authorities may be denied access to check in or boarding. 
The management of suspicious cases will be guaranteed by the health authorities in compliance with the protocols in force.
The airport areas are cleaned and sanitised several times a day.
Boarding will be preferably carried out by jet-bridge, where possible, or on foot. If a shuttle bus is used, its capacity will be reduced to ensure social distancing.

Lounge information
Due to the spread of the coronavirus, nearly all airport lounges remain temporarily closed.


On board

Worry-free travel also means flying according to the strictest disinfection standards.
To this end, we guarantee daily non-routine disinfection of the on-board environment and our fleet is equipped with special HEPA filters that enable us to achieve cleaner cabin air than the air we breathe on the ground with a full exchange approximately every 3.5 minutes. The installed air conditioning filters are capable of retaining up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. In addition, our cabin crew is equipped with gloves and mask and offers passengers refreshing disinfectant wipes. Lastly, in compliance with the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers dated 26 April, we ask our passengers to wear a mask to cover their nose and mouth. The use of the protective device is mandatory to protect your health during your flight. 
In addition, each toilet is equipped with hand sanitisers.
The in-flight service is carried out in a reduced format to minimise the passage of the flight crew through the cabin.