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Flying in times of the coronavirus pandemic

We want to make sure that your stay on board is as pleasant and safe as possible, even in these special times. For this reason we have taken precautionary measures, in coordination with the health authorities, to best protect both passengers and our employees, both on the ground and on board of our flights. Below you can find some useful information to help you planning your trips.



Before your flight

Before you start your travel, please make yourself familiar with the country specific requirements along your journey and observe the regulations at the departure and destination airports: for example it is compulsory at many airports to wear a surgical face mask and the same is applied for all flights to/from Italy.

Information for Germany

For Germany you will find all information on the Entry & Residence pages of the Federal Foreign Office website or the ​​Robert-Koch-Institute.

ATTENTIONAll passengers aged 12 years and older who wish to enter Germany must provide one of the following medical certificates (in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish) at the time of departure:

Proof of Vaccination (digital or printed): Completed vaccination, i.e. final dose has been given 14 days ago, the vaccine must be approved by Paul-Ehrlich-Institute.

Proof of Immunity (digital or printed): positive PCR-/LAMP-/TMA-test, issued between 28 days and 6 months before entry

- Negative COVID Test result (digital or printed): Either PCR, LAMP or TMA test, taken within 72 hours before entry into Germany, or AntiGen test, taken with 48 hours before entering Germany. Self-tests are not valid.

- Travelers from risk areas, Italy excluded, must register online before departure - Digital Entry Application (DEA)

Without this documentation, you cannot be carried. This rule applies both to passengers with final destination in Germany, as well as to passengers with a connecting flight in Germany to another destination. Only passengers with a German domestic flight and without a prior international flight to Germany are exempt.


Capacities at international airports may be limited. We recommend that you find out today about testing options available for you at your departure point and ask you to allow sufficient time for your test. Antigen, PCR, LAMP and TMA tests performed at certified testing sites are accepted. Self-tests are excluded and not valid. The test must be done no more than 48 hours before entry.

More information on Covid-19 testing at airports


Information for Italy

NEW: Starting from 24 May 2021 travellers to Italy from abroad must complete the online registration form (Digital Passenger Locator Form) at

The dPLF form must be sent prior departure, before boarding passenger has to show from his smartphone(in digital format) the dPLF in pdf version and QRCode received via email: alternatively the passenger can print a copy of  dPLF  before departure.

More information about travelling to Italy can be found here.

We kindly invite you to check-in for your flight via Lufthansa website or with the Lufthansa app.

IMPORTANT: if your flight is departing from Italy and you are using online check-in, we kindly invite you to go to the airport check-in counters to collect your boarding pass free of charge


Changes in hand baggage rules

From 26 June 2020, passengers are only permitted to bring on board a single item of carry-on baggage, regardless of the fare purchased. Hand baggage can be placed inside the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you; should you need to stow personal clothing (jackets for example) in the overhead bin Italian authorities request that garments shall be placed in a disposable container: our cabin crew will be happy to provide one on request. At your convenience you can also use a clothing hanger available on every seat.

We have adapted our baggage regulations for you so that every piece of hand luggage that complies with the rules (max dims 55x40x20cm, max 8 kg) can now be checked in free of charge – even if you have booked a Light fare. Please deliver your handbag at the check-in counter. 


At the airport

All dedicated staff will check that there is no crowding, that social distancing is complied with and that all passengers adhere to the health regulations.
Dedicated signs and/or announcements will be implemented to manage flows and ensure social distancing.
We ask you to wear a surgical​ protective mask covering your nose and mouth from the moment you arrive at the airport and during all procedures at the airport, such as check in, security checks, boarding, disembarking and baggage claim.
In certain airports, you may have your body temperature measured before departure and, if your temperature is higher than that required by the regulations (37.5° C), you may be prohibited from departing.
The temperature measurement is also required at the final destination airport in Italy and may also be carried out through a thermal scanner.
Passengers who do not comply with the health rules imposed by the competent authorities may be denied access to check in or boarding. 
The management of suspicious cases will be guaranteed by the health authorities in compliance with the protocols in force.
The airport areas are cleaned and sanitised several times a day.
Boarding will be preferably carried out by jet-bridge, where possible, or on foot. If a shuttle bus is used, its capacity will be reduced to ensure social distancing.

Lounge information
Please note that some airport lounges may be temporarily closed and that the service will be adapted to meet the current restrictions.

In line with the approaching summer and the loosening of international travel restrictions, many lounges are gradually opening again.
Currently Air Dolomiti passengers can only access to Lufthansa lounges in Frankfurt, Munich and Milan Malpensa airports.

Starting from 1st July 2021 the lounges at Milan Linate and Linz airports are also accessible again; from 10th July also VIP lounge at Venice airport is open.


On board

Worry-free travel also means flying according to the strictest disinfection standards.
To this end, we guarantee daily non-routine disinfection of the on-board environment and our fleet is equipped with special HEPA filters that enable us to achieve cleaner cabin air than the air we breathe on the ground with a full exchange approximately every 3.5 minutes. The installed air conditioning filters are capable of retaining up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. In addition, our cabin crew is equipped with gloves and mask and offers passengers refreshing disinfectant wipes.
Due to a regulation of the Italian authorities personal clothing (e.g. jackets, coats, sweaters) is not allowed to be placed in the overhead bins. We kindly ask our passengers to store clothes inside their hand baggage, hang them on the hooks provided or use the space underneath the seat.

Wearing a mouth-nose-cover on board 

Every passenger must wear a face mask on board, to cover their nose and mouth and according to All. 1 DPCM of 14th July 2020 the use of surgical masks is mandatory on board and at the airport (cloth masks are not allowed). 
From 1 February 2021, only facemasks of the following standards will be permitted on Lufthansa flights to and from Germany: FFP2, KN95 and N95 standard or surgical masks. These have to be worn during boarding, on board and when leaving the aircraft. Masks made of fabric will no longer be permitted, visors and masks with valves have not been permitted already. Thus, in order to protect the health of all passengers and employees, the Lufthansa Group Airlines are taking up the regulation the German federal states have issued on 19 January 2021.
The use of the protective device is mandatory to protect your health during your flight. Only children under the age of 6 are exempt for this policy or people who are not allowed to wear a mask for health reasons. 
We can only accept exceptions to the mask obligation with a current (not older than 48 hours) negative PCR test result in addition to a medical certificate on a Lufthansa Group form. You can download our medical certificate form for exemption of wearing a mouth-nose-cover.
Thank you for helping to protect all passengers.

Simplified onboard service

The in-flight service is carried out in a reduced format to minimise the passage of the flight crew through the cabin.