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Flights from Munich to Graz

Flights from Munich to Graz

With direct flights from Munich, Graz is really close and ready to welcome you with its mix of architecture, culture and gastronomy.


Lose yourself in the streets of the beautiful historic centre of Graz, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, let yourself be carried away by your own curiosity among Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings and breathe the charm and vitality of the second largest city in Austria. In the midst of beautiful parks, suitable for families with children, and a break in the numerous cafes, you can climb the hill overlooking the centre and visit the Schlossberg, an imposing fortress that houses the famous Castle and a museum that tells the history of Graz and offers glimpses and views of the city of incomparable charm.


Animated by its intense cultural life, Graz offers visitors numerous exhibition spaces, such as the Kunsthaus, a futuristic structure designed in 2003, and international events such as the Steirischer Herbst, an interdisciplinary contemporary art festival in which theatre, cinema, figurative arts, dance and literature offer viewers a perspective on the future of new artistic languages.


Enjoy the local gastronomy, which offers the excellence of local products in the numerous restaurants and trattorias alongside tantalizing combinations with international cuisine, to offer visitors experiences full of surprises.


Prepare your trip to Graz from Munich, and let yourself be won over by a city where history, modernity and tradition come together in perfect balance.


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