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Air Dolomiti invites passengers to wear protective masks on board

In compliance with the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 26th April and the consequent obligation to wear protective masks on board, from Monday 4th May, Air Dolomiti, the Italian airline of the Lufthansa Group, invites its passengers to wear a mask to cover their nose and mouth while on board. The Company also recommends that they be used throughout the entire journey: both before and after the flight and at the airport.

All Crew members will wear adequate nose and mouth protection and disposable gloves. The regular distribution of antibacterial refreshment wipes will continue while on-board service is still suspended. Furthermore, given the reduction of the maximum capacity of the aircraft and the presence of a smaller number of passengers, Air Dolomiti will make every effort to guarantee the requested social distance

Air Dolomiti's aircrafts undergo extraordinary daily disinfection and the methods adopted for cleaning operations meet the highest standards of sanitization. Cabin air is a combination of fresh air coming from outside and purified circulating air: the use of special filters allows for cleaner cabin air than the one we breathe normally and allows a complete change every 3 and a half minutes or so. The air conditioning filters installed are capable of retaining up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses moreover all the air conditioning systems undergo regular maintenance checks to ensure maximum efficiency.