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The new online services make flight booking simplicity itself

Air Dolomiti, the Lufthansa Group’s Italian airline, makes flying a pleasure right from the start, with additional online services to manage bookings through the website 

From now on passengers may choose to buy the best seats up to 52 hours before departure, perfect if you want to make sure you sit in your favourite row or want to enjoy the view from a window seat. Seat selection is already included in the Business Class fare plan.  

Furthermore travelling in style is now possible by adding extra luggage to the chosen fare allowance. This service is available for passengers over 2 years old, size and weight of baggage must follow the airline terms and conditions.  

Seat reservation and extra baggage services can both be purchased while booking online or at a later date simply by accessing the “Manage Booking” section on the website. This page also allows passengers to change flight dates if necessary.

These new tools confirm Air Dolomiti’s position as an efficient, modern airline wholly dedicated to improving their passengers’ experience.