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Air Dolomiti launches the new livery today: an elegant restyling with a literary touch

The new aircraft takes off with an exclusive flight in the skies over Verona

Under the sign of the growth plan announced for 2019, Air Dolomiti, an Italian airline in the Lufthansa Group, introduces the new livery today at the Catullo airport of Verona. 

The first Air Dolomiti aircraft, painted in England, has a simple, modern and elegant design that launches the revamped image with a total white style intended to bring out the turquoise colour of the tail fin, where the diamond triumphs in all its splendour. 

Written on the belly of the aircraft fuselage is “AD Astra”, part of the Latin phrase “Per Aspera ad Astra”, “Through hardships to the stars”: a tribute to travellers and flying enthusiasts, but also to the ancient tradition of the Greek-Latin classics. With these words, the airline intends not only to accompany passengers during the flight, but also to wish them bon voyage, no matter what their selected destination may be or the reason for their trip.

This continues Air Dolomiti’s revamping, a new image that looks to the future, but at the same time maintains the solid values that have allowed it to establish itself as one of the best European airlines. This is the message conveyed by the company and by CEO Joerg Eberhart: “Another milestone has been reached today and this makes us very proud. Seeing how the livery has been renewed but without being radically changed makes me think about our company whose Italian spirit remains intact, but whose body has instead been transformed to align with the Group and modern times.” 

Air Dolomiti, strongly rooted in the Verona territory, has planned to introduce new equipment – they currently have 12 operational units - which will bring the fleet to a total of 26. The arrival of new aircraft will take place gradually from January 2019 through 2023.